Got a damaged windshield and need a replacement? Is there a difference between a Car Dealer Windshield Replacement and a local Auto Glass shop? The answer is there’s really no difference between the two. In fact, some dealers here in Austin use our mobile services for repairs at their location. The same is said for auto body and repair shops, collision centers and even insurance companies. Many insurance agents will refer policyholders to auto glass companies to replace damaged windshields.

Car Dealer Windshield Replacement or Auto Glass Shop?

A Car Dealer Windshield Replacement is no different compared to an auto glass company. As an example, when replacing a damaged windshield each uses OEM or OEM equivalent glass. Are there benefits to using a local shop compared to a dealership? Yes, a local auto glass shop near your location will go beyond windshield replacements for cars and trucks A local auto glass shop will do door window and rear glass replacements plus windshield crack and chip repairs at your home, business or their own shop.

Austin Car Dealer Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Costs

How much is it to replace a windshield? From cars, trucks, sedans and luxury vehicles a dealer will charge between $100 to $300 more than a local specialist. Why do car dealers charge more? The reason is that dealers often use a local auto glass company that offers mobile services that come to their dealership. The dealer then marks up the price from what they have to pay the local glass specialists which are passed on to the car owner.

Another windshield replacement cost factor is OEM versus OEM Equivellant glass. OEM glass is identical to the glass installed on your car and made by the original manufacturer. OEM equivalent glass has the same safety qualifications as OEM glass, but less expensive. Compared to original glass from the manufacturer, how much is OEM equivalent glass? Expect to save between 50% – 75% when buying an OEM equivalent windshields and auto glass. As an example, our technicians replace windshields and door windows with either OEM or aftermarket glass. We also handle windshields with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Car Insurance Windshield Replacement Coverage

Most vehicle owners can have their windshield replaced with their insurance paying the cost. Many times it’s a no-deductible but in some cases, deductibles can range between $200 – $500. With our company, you only need to call your insurance agent to start the claim, and we handle the rest.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Near Austin

Damaged Windshield Repair Austin TX

Need a windshield chip repair or auto glass replacement? Is your car or truck windshield in need of replacing? We have convenient mobile services to do repairs on-site and offer services at our shop in Austin. Got an emergency auto glass situation? We have quick windshield replacement experts that come to your location. Call for a free estimate or use our online form. One of our Austin glass techs will reply with an answer to any auto glass questions.