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Accidents happen. Nature happens. In 2016, there was major storm that caused severe hail storm damage in the Texas area. People were scrambling about, trying to find a near, affordable and available windshield repair organization to take immediate care of their Windshield Replacement needs. If your windshield is damaged in any way, it can immediately become a dangerous distraction from the road. A crack or severe damage on the windshield can cause an accident by preventing the driver from driving safely. A damaged windshield that compromises the integrity and the stability of the vehicle can easily become hazardous to you, your passengers, and those around you. Having a cracked windshield or damaged windows on your car increases the risk of theft or even water damage from an unsuspecting rainstorm. Auto Glass may be taken for granted at times, by our organization here in Hutto TX are standing by, ready to take care of your auto window repair needs. We care about the family and the individuals that are driving behind the glass that we stand by.

If you want the best auto glass window repair and/or replacement business in town, Magic Glass Repair at Hutto TX delivers the best in windshield replacement technology. We are certified, and we aim to serve you with a friendly countenance that is professional in its appearance, demeanor, and workmanship in regards to your custom auto window repair. We will never compromise the care of your vehicle. We use the best installation equipment, brand names, products such as quality resins and the best urethane products, and the only glass we install is OEM Quality Glass. We provide window shield repair or replacement of your auto window glass for almost all makes and models of cars. We also replace the back windows, side windows, vent windows, and quarter glass. Repairs can occur through your insurance and while some insurances offer a warranty, it isn’t necessary since we offer our own limited lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship. More good news is this: Since we are a local in Hutto, TX, you have more direct access to us if any problems arise. Give us a call at your earliest convenience and make an appointment to get that windshield repaired in a fast, convenient, professional manner here at magic glass repair in Hutto Texas. If you want the best, count on the best. Call us at 512-352-6640 today!

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