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Your Windshield Keeps You Safe

Our Austin auto glass company does windshield replacements Leander residents can trust. Fast, affordable, and guaranteed auto glass repairs and replacements. Your windshield is the most important piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. The windshield protects you from the elements, including the wind, rain, hail, extreme temperatures, branches, kicked up rocks, snow and ice. And your windshield needs to not only protect you from the elements but also must make it easy for you to see in these inclement conditions. And if you can’t see, you can’t drive. It’s that simple. That’s why we focus on taking care of windshield replacement and windshield repair in Leander TX.

Windshield Repair — The Green Choice

Auto glass is not like household glass. Your windshield is designed to break a certain way if it shatters by turning into little cubes that also will not harm you during an accident. This safety technology makes recycling your windshield impossible. This means that every windshield replaced must take up space in a landfill. But we have a proprietary epoxy that can also repair windshield chips to make your windshield as good as new. And don’t ignore that chip because most of them end up cracking across your windshield within three years. If you are unlucky, that chip can also make your car undrivable within a year.

Mobile Windshield Replacements Leander

Our mobile services out of Austin provide windshield replacements Leander automobile owners use when they need repairing or replacing the broken auto glass. When your windshield is damaged, you cannot see. Not only is driving with a damaged windshield unsafe, but it is also illegal per Texas law. That’s why we come to you no matter where you are in the Leander TX area. We can perform a windshield replacement in parking lots, your driveway, in fields and on the side of the highway. If you notice that your windshield is damaged and you feel uncomfortable driving, don’t worry. We will come to you, fix your windshield also getting you back on the road in no time.

We Offer Other Safety Services

Windshields aren’t any good without windshield wipers. Old windshield wipers lose their spring and because of this can’t evacuate moisture from your windshield. Or they can also dig into your windshield leaving scrapes and cracks. We can restore your windshield wiper and your headlights also making it easier to see right away. We are also happy to replace your windshield wiper blades on the spot. And in many cases, because your insurance can pay for our services, the work will be no cost to you. For quick and guaranteed windshield replacements Leander folks call us a call at 512-352-6640.

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