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A windshield replacement Pflugerville auto owners can trust is easy with Magic Glass Repair in Austin. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving we know visibility is vital to drive safely. It could be a Lamborghini, a massive pickup truck or a decades-old beater, the most important part of your vehicle is the windshield. That is why we are proud to offer windshield replacement services in Pflugerville TX. Texas can throw some hazardous weather your way. It’s common to experience tornadoes, hail storms and lightning storms that would make people from other states hide under the covers. All of this can wreak havoc on your windshield.

Windshield Statistics Are Staggering

Your windshield is a part of your vehicle’s safety system. The windshield not only protects you from the elements as you drive, but good auto glass also helps you see in hazardous conditions. That’s why it is incredibly important to repair even the smallest of chips right away. Over 90% of small cracks will expand across the windshield within three years and 50s% of small cracks will span across your auto glass within a year. That’s why we recommend our windshield repair services.

Safety And Visibility Windshield Replacement Pflugerville, TX

Not only do we offer windshield replacement and repair, but we also offer safety visibility services too. Our auto glass technician will also restore your headlights to their optimum level. After fixing your windshield our tech also will bring your lazy windshield wiper arm back to life with a wiper arm restoration. Mobile auto glass service trucks from Magic Glass Repair are stocked with everything needed to not only replace your windshield but restore your wiper blades to work like new.

We Come To You

When it’s difficult to see out of your vehicle, it’s unsafe to drive to a garage in order to get repairs. Magic Glass Repair offers a mobile windshield replacement Pflugerville residents can appreciate. Conveniently, our technicians come to your home or office to fix your auto’s glass. Our team is always happy to replace or repair your windshield right where it is damaged. It’s important to also get you to see the road better with restored headlights, windshield wiper blade arms, and new wipers. Within no time at all our mobile auto glass technician will get you back on the road ready to drive home safely.

The city of Pflugerville is diverse just like the different types of cars the residents drive. There’s everything from small compacts cars, large trucks, and SUVs to European sports cars. Our auto glass technicians are highly skilled with replacing windshields for all makes, models, and types of vehicles.

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Need more auto glass repair info or pricing information? Call us to discuss your vehicle today. In many cases, the cost of our replacements and repairs are covered by insurance. And there’s nothing that we haven’t seen after years in the business. Call us today at 512-352-6640 and we’ll get out there to help you as soon as we can.

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