A small chip in a windshield can turn into a larger crack if the expert help of an auto glass technician is not sought immediately. If you see a blemish or damage in your front or rear windshield, you should get the repairs done without wasting any time. Delaying or ignoring repair work can lead to large cracks, which will require a full replacement of the windshield. To carry out the repair work, the technician needs to be well-equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. Though the toolbox of one technician may look different from the other’s, the basic tools always remain the same. Without having the right set of tools at hand, no technician can begin repairing or replacing the broken windshield of a car, SUV, or van.

Here is a list of all the essential tools that every technician in the windshield repair industry should have and use.

  • 1. Protective Gear

    Safety during an auto glass repair or replacement is a key concern. The auto glass technician needs to perform the job while protecting himself, face and eyes in particular. A protective gear will typically include a pair of gloves, safety glasses and first aid kit. Using proper protective gear ensures the technician remains well-protected against flying glass particles and harmful glare.

    At Magic Glass Repair, it is our foremost priority to have the repair work conducted in a completely safe manner. That is why our technicians will always put on proper protective gear before starting the repair.

  • 2. Cleaning Tool

    Before the repair work can begin, the technician first needs to properly clean the area of damage. Whether it is dust, debris, or glass particles, all of these need removal for the repair work to be conducted in a successful manner. If the dust or glass particles are not removed, the windshield repair will not be successful and issues of poor or reduced visibility will arise later. 

    Auto glass technicians have glass cleaning tools in their toolkit to successfully carry out the repair and restore clear visibility. 

  • 3. Rounded End Carbide Tool

    When it comes to windshield repair, you will need a tool that makes the entire job simple and smooth. Carbide tools with rounded ends move smoothly across the auto glass and thus help the technician a great deal.

    These tools are provided with retention grooves, which make it easy to create an original depth mark. Every professional in the windshield repair industry carries this tool in their kit. Using this tool, the auto glass technician can move across the glass in a totally hassle-free manner. That is why each one of our repair technicians has this with them and is properly trained in the effective use of this tool so that the windshield repair work can be carried out successfully.

  • 4. Pear End Carbide Tool

    Before a new auto glass can be installed, it needs to be prepared for a perfect fit. The pear end carbide tools do exactly that. 

    These tools help the technician prepare the glass. Particularly, the pear end carbide tools help in the shaping and contouring of the glass. The best pear end carbide tools are designed from a single piece of carbide. This gives the tool the highest level of accuracy during windshield repair.

  • 5. Molding Removal Tool

    A molding removal tool is an extremely useful tool to have in the toolkit. The small tool makes it easy for the technician to remove molding from around the auto glass. Once the molding is properly removed, the technician has access to the auto glass where it is adhered to the vehicle’s body. 

    Though a lot of manufacturers design this tool, our auto glass technicians use only those manufactured by reputed brands.

  • 6. Cut-Out Tool

    To separate the auto glass from the car, the technician needs to use a cut-out tool. The tool can be manual or powered.

    Both types of cut-out tools are unique in their own sense. A battery-powered cut-out tool makes cutting and separating the glass swift and easy. The tool can be either powered by electricity or a battery. In situations where access to electricity is difficult, a battery-powered tool proves to be extremely useful. Manually operated cut-tool is also gaining much popularity with technicians.

  • 7. Razor Blades

    Before a new windshield is installed, the technician needs to remove the old or broken windshield from the glass frame. So, he first needs to remove the adhesive that keeps the windshield attached. This is exactly where the role of razor blades come into play. Use of this tool makes it easy for the technician to remove the adhesive in a swift and proper manner. Not only that, but the tool is also used to remove extra adhesive once the new windshield has been installed.

    No auto glass technician will be able to do the windshield replacement job properly unless they have this tool with them.

  • 8. Heavy-Duty Suction Cups

    Heavy-duty suction cups are used to remove the old glass once it has been cut out and separated from the frame. Likewise, technicians also use this tool to place the new auto glass into the glass frame.

    new replacement windshield Downtown Austin

    This tool is called heavy-duty because it can lift an impressive amount of weight. It is specially designed for use in the windshield repair industry. The tool operates using a vacuum mechanism to stick to the glass. Using this tool, the technician finds it easy to remove or place an auto glass. Heavy-duty suction cups or lifters keep the technician safe during the replacement process. The tool comes in multiple sizes for working on different sizes of auto glass. A 6.3 inches glass lifter is best suited for use by auto glass technicians in removal and installation.

  • 9. O-Ring Removers

    Also referred to as O-ring pick-strick, this tool is used by glass technicians to remove O-rings from grooves. 

    Not just for removal, but auto glass technicians also use this tool to install O-rings. The tool comes with both a small angle hook and a full hook. A full hook O-ring remover is used where it is hard to reach the O-ring. The tip of the tool is made up of hardened and tapered chrome for high durability.

  • 10. Lever Knife

    Among all the tools used for windshield removal, the lever knife is one of the most effective. It is the special design which sets the lever knife apart from other auto glass removal tools used by technicians.

    The level knife is made up of tough, anodized aluminum. The key feature of the tool is that the blade is located a little further from the body. Better clearance makes the use of the tool much easier. The handle, as well as the cable of the level knife, is completely covered for the maximum safety of the technician. Since professionals work on multiple auto glasses or windshields in a single day, having the lever knife in their toolkit makes their job a lot easier and simpler.

  • 11. Caulking Gun

    This is one of the most critical tools for an auto glass technician to have. The technician uses it to apply adhesive to the frame.

    One crucial step of a new windshield installation is the proper application of adhesive into the frame where the glass will be fitted. Using a caulking gun, it becomes easy to apply the adhesive. The gun tool has a plunger, which is forced forward by depressing the trigger. As the plunger moves forward, the caulk is pushed out of the tip of the removal tube for adhesive application.

The job of windshield repair and replacement requires not just skills but also a complete set of the right tools. Whether it is auto glass removal or installation, it cannot be performed with just a single tool. A professional technician uses a wide variety of small and large tools to perform their job in an effective, safe and swift manner. Not having the right set of tools does not just result in poor quality repair and installation, but it also compromises the safety of the technician. At the Magic Glass Repair, our technicians remain fully equipped with all the essential tools as well as have specialization in the correct use of each of the tools.

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