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Are you looking for a trusted, mobile auto glass repair company with expertly trained windshield replacement specialists serving the Austin area?

Magic Glass Repair has years of experience providing auto glass replacement services to vehicle owners. As a locally-owned, family-owned and operated mobile windshield repair company we focus on customer satisfaction and making sure every repair is completed quickly and with the highest level of quality.

Auto glasses have a crucial role to play in a vehicle. Apart from being the main visibility panel, the windshield offers protection to the driver as well as the occupants of the car.

Whether it is due to exposure to harsh weather or being hit with a small object, the windshield can get damaged in several ways. For car owners, it is important to take good care of the windshield.

In the automotive world, a minor issue can easily turn into a major problem. If the auto glasses of your vehicle get a chip or a crack, you should not put off the repair task for a later date.

Delaying the repair of glass windows can lead to interior weather damage or theft. Therefore, you should reach out to a reputed windshield repair company at a nearby location and get the repairs done as quickly as possible.

Although you’ll come across many auto glass repair and replacement services out there, you should choose to work with a company that carries adequate experience in the field. All car windshield chips and cracks are not the same. Expert technicians employ cutting-edge techniques and use the best tools to perform the job.

Welcome to Magic Glass Repair!

Based in and serving the Austin Area, Magic Glass Repair is a mobile, family-owned auto glass repair company of high repute. Whether the windshield of your car needs repair or replacement, our well-trained technicians perform all tasks with great care and precision.

While fixing the damages to your vehicle’s windshields, window glasses, or rear screen, our ultimate goal is to restore the structural integrity of your car. Our company is known for adhering to the highest quality of standards and offering clients great value for their money.

The best thing about our company is that we don’t simply vanish after completing your window glass repair or installation work. Instead, we stand firm behind each work that is performed. This means, if an issue does arise, we’ll respond immediately and gladly take care of the same.

So, don’t let just anyone repair or replace your car’s window glasses. Reach out to Magic Glass Repair for the best results.

Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Windshield?

For car owners, it is often hard to decide whether they should get the broken windshield repaired or replaced with a new one.

If you are in confusion or doubt as to what is the right way to go, you should seek the consultation of an experienced automotive glass technician. There are different types of windscreen damages and only an expert will be able to give you the best advice.

Have an auto glass technician inspect the extent of damage to your windshield. During the inspection, the expert takes three things into account – the type of damage, size, and depth of the damage, and the location of the damage.

In general, a chipped windscreen needs repair work whereas a cracked windshield needs to be replaced with a new windshield. More specifically, damages less than six inches in size can be repaired. In some cases, long cracks in the glass can also be repaired. The technician will closely examine the damage and suggest the best solution.

As a smart vehicle owner, you should take immediate action as soon as your windshield gets damaged. If you spot a chip as early on as possible, you can get it repaired before the damage starts to spread.

Why You Should Work with Us

Think before you head to just any of those old auto glass repair shops. Getting the glass of your automotive repaired or replaced is not just restoring the aesthetics of your car. It is more about your safety.

While you are on the road, the windshield of your car should give you an unobstructed view. If the view is distorted or clouded, it can compromise your safety and lead to serious consequences. So, don’t delay the repair work and always work with the right company.

Magic Glass Repair is an ideal choice when you’re looking for car windscreen repair and car window replacement.

Here is a quick look at all the benefits we offer you:

  • Same Day Service:

Driving a car with cracked auto glass puts the driver’s as well as the occupants’ lives at risk. If the damage is in the line of the driver’s vision, it poses even greater risks. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe and prevent the damage from worsening further, you should get it repaired as quickly as you can. Keeping in mind the safety of vehicle owners, we offer same-day auto glass repair service in Austin, Georgetown, and Round Rock.

  • Mobile Automotive Glass Repair:

Locating an auto glass shop and then taking your car there can be a pain, particularly if you have a busy work schedule. Rest assured if you don’t have the time to make it to our shop. For your convenience, we offer mobile repair services. Just tell us where you are, and our technicians will reach your place with all the tools and materials and get the job done. This means you won’t have to drop your vehicle and wait for your turn.

  • Thorough Inspection:

Quality of products is a prime concern for us. That is why we always use products from only reputed brands and manufacturers. Moreover, before the auto glass and other related products reach your doorstep, our professionals conduct a thorough inspection to ensure each piece of glass we install is of the highest quality so that there are no future discrepancies.

  • OEM Glass:

The auto glass industry is packed with all kinds of manufacturers. But the quality of products varies from one manufacturer to another. Generic products often come with imperfections that the untrained eye cannot detect. It is only when you are driving on the road that you’ll be able to notice the flaws. Many auto glasses have distortions that interfere with your view of the road and compromise your safety while you are driving. At Magic Glass Repair, we use either dealer auto glasses or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glasses. These window glasses are well-known for their top-notch quality in the auto industry.

  • High Quality Installation:

Replacing a windshield involves the use of skills and techniques. It is accomplished in multiple steps, each of which requires focused attention. Right from covering the vehicle’s interior, removing the old glass to preparing the frame, and finally installing the windshield, our technicians use appropriate tools and perform the entire task with great precision.

If the windshield is installed improperly, it can lead to issues. Through the gaps in the frame, water and air can enter your car. Feel confident that our glass technicians will get everything right the first time.

  • Lifetime Guarantee:

When getting the broken windshield replaced, you should look for a warranty. Unlike many other auto glass companies, our services come along with a lifetime warranty. This is the best way of telling us that we believe in doing quality work and we are proud of the quality we offer. Whether it is the auto glass, pinch weld, or other installation materials, we select and use only the best ones and back up all our work with a lifetime guarantee.

We Can Accommodate Your Busy Schedule

At Magic Glass Repair, we understand that you always have something urgent and important to take care of. If you are finding it hard to choose a suitable time to get your car’s windscreen repaired or replaced, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

We are quite flexible and can work around your busy schedule – as per your specific needs. Whether you want us to work early in the morning or during the late afternoon hours, we can offer you appointments as it suits you.

Think of us as the go-to company for all your auto glass repair and installation needs. We treat your vehicle like it is our own and perform the job with painstaking attention to detail. Contact us for a free quote.

Get in Touch with Us Today

Are you searching for same-day auto glass repair services? At Magic Glass Repair, we have multiple years of experience dealing with windscreen damages of all car models. If your car’s windshield is chipped, cracked, or broken, give our office a phone call right away.

Whether it is your home, office, or any other location, we can reach you anywhere as per your need. Our skilled technicians will inspect the damage and offer a perfect solution to keep the structural integrity of your car intact.

They’ll never recommend a replacement where a repair will be adequate. We employ leading-edge technology and strictly adhere to safety codes so that your vehicle remains completely damage-free during the repair or replacement process.

We operate in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and the surrounding areas. Talk to one of our experts to discuss your windshield damage and find out how we can help you. Contact us for a free quote now.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, & Surrounding Areas

Schedule Your Mobile Windshield Replacement Today

Magic Glass Repair of Austin is ready to help when it comes to windshield replacement. We offer affordable mobile auto glass replacement services in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, & surrounding areas. We use the best glass and replacement materials when replacing your windshield. We’re here to lend a hand with your auto glass project.

When you drive with a broken, shattered, or cracked windshield it can lower the strength and integrity of the frame up to 70% if you’re in a crash. Don’t let this happen to you. If you find any damage to your windshield, call Magic Glass Repair for a hassle-free quote. Our technicians are experts that know car windows and also will replace your broken windshield no matter your Austin area location. We love what we do and it shows in each job.

We work with all participating auto insurance companies and will also bill your insurance company for the new windshield. You only pay your deductible and no more. Not sure if you have the right coverage, give Magic Auto Glass Repair a call and we will be glad to find out for you.

Thank you for giving us the chance to earn your auto glass business because we care about your safety and satisfaction. We want you to have an easy, convenient and happy experience with your auto glass repair or windshield replacement.

Windshield Repair

Auto Glass Windshield Repair in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, & Surrounding Areas

Magic Glass in Austin offers mobile auto glass windshield repairs and replacement services of windshields and windows for all makes and models of cars. If your windshield is damaged and also has a crack or chip in it give us a call for a free quote. Our mobile auto glass repair services are also near Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville.

Your windshield is an inner layer of clear substance sandwiched between two layers of glass. It’s a safety laminate. When damaged by a rock, the chip is not only unsightly, it also compromises the windshield’s integrity strength. It will look lighter which may seem minor, but once chipped or cracked, the glass has already lost strength. As time passes the damage will likely also begin to spread.

The process of an auto glass windshield repair is quick. We begin by removing all the loose pieces of glass from the chip or crack. The liquid resin gets applied to fill in the damaged area and restores the windshield’s structural integrity.

Once windshields crack or chip, the damage will continue to spread unless you get your auto windshield glass repaired. Your windshield could last a few days or months. But if you wait too long, your auto glass windshield repair could turn into a windshield replacement for your car.

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