Stay Away from Windshield Hack Jobs, Always!

If you plan to keep the structural integrity of your vehicle unharmed, you should always avoid auto glass companies that practice hack jobs. Windshield replacement is a crucial task, which can never be rushed through.

What is a Hack Job?

If you find your car’s windshield has broken, you’ll need to visit an auto glass services to get it replaced. But do you know which auto glass repair services you should head to for restoring the structural integrity of your car? Well, you must always take your vehicle to a professional, reputed glass services.

But here’s the problem – An auto glass technician doesn’t need a college degree to fix a damaged windshield.

What does this actually mean?

This means that anyone can start and operate an auto glass repair shop without having deep knowledge and experience in this field. You may think that this doesn’t matter and all you want is to get your broken windshield removed and replaced with a new one.

But, always remember, the auto glass shop you go to will determine how the problem will be diagnosed and how the damage will be fixed. Not going to a professional repair service means your windshield replacement will not be perfect – and incorrect installation will have your safety compromised.

A lot of auto glass companies operate just for the sake of making quick bucks. So, they indulge in what is known as ‘hack jobs’,

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So, What is a Hack Job?

A hack job is a procedure that was performed in the quickest possible time and by someone with insufficient knowledge of the subject at the cost of compromising quality and attention to detail.

In the auto glass industry, a hack job refers to a windshield replacement that was done while giving very little consideration to the actual procedure, technicalities involved, and quality control. The windshield is a lot more than what most people may think it is.

A windshield isn’t simply an aesthetic component, but it is an integral safety and protection component in a car’s system. The purpose of a windshield is to keep the environmental elements out as well as offer you maximum protection in the event of a car accident, crash, or rollover. Above all, the windshield keeps the structural integrity of your car intact. That’s the reason you should always get your broken or cracked windshield fixed by an expert auto glass technician.

In short, getting your windshield replaced by an incompetent technician puts your life as well as the lives of the other occupants of the car at risk as you get back on the road. So, you need to choose a glass shop wisely.

The windshield replacement process consists of several steps, each of which requires great attention to detail. No matter who the technician is or which auto glass repair shop it is, all the necessary steps must be followed properly and accurately to ensure a high quality windshield installation.

Right from cutting the urethane seal, removing the auto glass and removing the extra urethane and cleaning the bonding area to applying the urethane primer, and reinstalling the windshield, the technician needs to adhere to high standards and strict quality control.

The windshield installation will not be accurate if the new windshield is not prepared in a proper manner or if proper trimming and cleaning of the pinch weld aren’t done. The auto glass technician needs to apply the urethane properly so that the windshield stays in the correct place and is properly installed.

If any of these technical details are ignored or paid only a little attention, the quality of the installation will be low-quality and poor.

A poorly or incorrectly installed windshield is more susceptible to chips or cracks due to high impact. What is even more serious is that the windshield will fall out of its place due to improper installation during a collision or crash.

The windshield won’t be able to hold you inside the car – putting you in harm’s way. To avoid hack jobs and all of these issues, as a result, you should always get your damaged windshield fixed by a professional who has specialized knowledge of the work.

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Stay Away from Windshield Hack Jobs – Always!

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If you plan to keep the structural integrity of your vehicle unharmed, you should always avoid auto glass companies that practice hack jobs. Windshield replacement is a crucial task, which can never be rushed through.

Hack jobs refer to focusing on the number of windshield replacements than the quality of the tasks done. Hack job glass repair shops take shortcuts to speed up the process of removing and replacing the windshield without caring much about whether the auto glass is correctly installed.

There are many examples of hack jobs and stories about how they have cost people’s lives. If you are not careful enough, you may also fall for such hack jobs which, instead of fixing the glass damages properly, will only put you under incredibly dangerous situations.

When looking for an auto glass repair shop, always choose one which is known to have trained technicians with hands-on experience. While the use of quality products is very essential, it is even more important to install the windshield with great precision so it doesn’t carry the risk of falling out due to high impact or collision. Also, look for a warranty because it is proof of quality work.

Talk to an Expert Glass Technician

If you are looking for a windshield replacement company that operates with highly skilled technicians, uses 100% genuine auto glass, and strictly abides by every step of the auto glass replacement procedure, you should head straight to Magic Glass Repair serving the greater Austin area.

We follow international safety norms as well as offer written warranty on our installations and products. If you are pressed for time and can’t drive to a shop, give us a phone call to take advantage of our free mobile glass repair service.

Our technicians truly dig in their heels and conduct a leak test on-site. Instead of trying to get your money, we offer great value for your hard-earned money. Don’t fall prey to hack jobs just for the sake of saving some money, as it may lead to life-threatening consequences. Make the right decision and give our office a phone call for a flawless glass installation.