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If the small cracks and chips in your windshield are not taken care of, they might cause further damage. Let our technicians in Greater Austin Area assess the damage and fix it for you

Windshield Repair

Car owners face a range of maintenance issues. One of the most serious among them is a cracked or damaged windshield. If the windshield of your car breaks due to various reasons, you should never ignore its repair. As a driver and the owner of a car, you should be aware of the fact that the windshield is fitted into the car for your safety. The windshield is actually a safety device.

You may not know that the windshield of your car is designed and fitted to protect you in the case of a collision or accident. The windshield doesn’t only keep you safe from pebbles and harsh weather, but it prevents the penetration of objects into the interior of the vehicle.

The windshield has plenty of significance also because it holds up the roof of a car in the event of a rollover. If a vehicle overturns, the windshield will prevent its roof from collapsing. Therefore, all the key functions of the windshield should always be kept in mind. Always remember to get your damaged, chipped or cracked windshield repaired as quickly as you can.

At Magic Glass Repair, we offer expertly trained windshield repair technicians for all kinds of auto glass repair tasks. Our specialists cater to the needs of a variety of clients across the entire Austin area.


What is a Car’s Windshield Made of?

Since the windshield is a safety device, its construction is of utmost importance. Have you ever wondered what the windshield of a car is made of? Though it is impossible for the naked eye to see the seams, the windshield of a vehicle is made of 2-3 layers. A layer of plastic vinyl is squeezed between two other layers of glass. This specific design aims to achieve structural integrity.

When a vehicle’s windshield chips or cracks, the inner layer holds both the layers of curved glasses in place. That is why most of the small stones and debris is unable to enter the cabin after hitting the windshield. This, as a result, keeps the driver and the passengers in the car safe.

Thanks to modern technologies, cars now have windshields. When automobiles were first launched, they did not have windshields. So, the driver used goggles to keep their eyes protected from dust and debris.

Today, we have windshields that are made up of tough, shatter-proof material. High quality and properly installed windshield mean you’ll have maximum safety in the event of an emergency. If the car crashes, collides, or rolls over, the windshield will prevent most of the objects from getting inside the car. Since the windshield is constructed to be shatter-proof, the likelihood of large pieces of sharp glasses also drastically reduces.

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Things that Can Damage and Crack Your Windshield

There are a variety of items that can hit and damage the windshield of a car. While you are driving on the road, your windshield remains exposed to different types of small objects, apart from pebbles.


Most of the time, it is small pieces of stones and pebbles that hit the windshield of a car or vehicle. You must have noticed pebbles picked up by tires and then flying on to the windshield. This type of windshield damage is quite common. However, the extent of the damage varies, depending on the size of the stone and the speed at which the stone hit the windshield.

Road Debris:

On the road, you’ll come across all kinds of debris and leftovers. It has become a common practice for people to throw car garbage on the road. If you are driving and any of this trash comes flying onto your windshield, you can expect to have a cracked or damaged windshield.

Nails and Screws:

A wide range of trash items can be found on the road. Among other things that keep the roads littered, nails and screws are also quite common. These iron items can cause damage when they hit the windshield, side windows, and other auto glasses of your car.

Big Bugs:

The windshield can get damaged even when big bugs hit it. If the insects are small, the likelihood of damage is from slim to none. But if it is a big bug that comes flying onto the windshield, it can lead to a chip or a crack. It happens when the bug hits the windshield at high speed.

Bad Weather:

During bad or harsh weather, the chances of damage to the windshield increases manifolds. All of a sudden, branches of a tree can fall and come blowing onto the windshield of a vehicle. That is why it is always advisable to keep your car in a garage during a storm or high winds.

There are several other reasons that can lead to a cracked or chipped windshield. Poor installation and sudden changes in temperature could also be the reason behind a damaged windshield or windscreen. If your vehicle sustains windshield damage, you should feel free to reach out to Magic Glass Repair in Austin, Texas, and get the cracks or chips repaired immediately.

Reach Out to Us for Your Windshield Inspection

Before the repair task can be carried out, it is crucial to find out what kind of damage the windshield of your car has sustained.

Does the windshield have a small dent or a chip or is it a small crack? It is easy to ignore a tiny chip because it appears like a black spot. But even a small chip can spread with time and the damage can worsen.

After your windshield or auto glass sustains damage, the first step is to seek the help of a professional for a thorough inspection.

You can give us a phone call, and we’ll arrive at any location of your choice. Our technician will closely examine the glass to assess the extent of the damage.

If your window glass has a minor star or a bullseye, the damage can be easily repaired. In addition to this, the technician will also inspect the edges of the windshield to check if there are other kinds of damages that may compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.

After the inspection is complete, the technician will inform you about the findings and the most ideal solution to the problem.

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How We Perform Windshield Repair

If the chip or the crack in your windshield is repairable, our technicians will get started with the repairing process. At Magic Glass Repair, we employ innovative procedure and top quality materials to repair a broken windshield. Usually, it takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes to repair glass damage.

At first, the technician applies a spray to clean the window. When a windshield or auto glass cracks, it is bound to have at least some loose glass pieces and shards of fine particles of glass. All this debris needs to be fully removed before the actual repairing task can begin.

Once the window glass is squeaky clean, it becomes easy for the glass technician to carry out the repair work with utmost precision. In some cases, there may arise the need to access the air bubble. For this, the technician will need to use a small drill bit. Again, the tool needs to be used with extreme care or it can damage the internal vinyl layer of the windshield.

The next step is to inject a polymer resin into the chip or the crack. After the resin has been dropped in, the technician will make sure that no amount of air is trapped inside the chipped or cracked auto glass.

It is advisable for vehicle owners to remain patient as the technician completes one step after another. Some steps will require more time than others. After the chip or the crack has been filled with resin, the professional will apply a pit-filler to fill up the small divot left in the crack.

Again, it is to be ensured that there are no air bubbles inside the crack as it can ruin the entire repair work. Finally, the professional will remove the extra resin from the auto glass surface with the help of a razor blade and polish the repaired area to restore the aesthetics of the glass.

Talk to a Windshield Repair Technician

If you have additional questions about windshield cracks and repairs or want us to fix your damaged windshield, reach out to Magic Glass Repair straight away. We have repaired broken windshields of all sizes and car models.

If you are pressed for time to drive to a repair shop, have us arrive at your location. We offer same-day windshield repair services for your convenience. You can avail of our services in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and the surrounding areas.

Talk to one of our windshield repair professionals to discuss how we can fix the damage to your windshield. All our technicians are well-trained in the use of modern technology and strictly abide by the safety codes.