When Does Windshield Replacement Become Necessary? Secure Your Drive!

The car windshield not only provides a clear vision but also secure the driver’s safety. Get your damaged windshield replaced by our experts in Greater Austin Area to prevent more damage.

Windshield Replacement

The windshield is not just your main visibility pane. It is a lot more than just being a part of your car to view the road. Automobile engineers design windshields to perform a number of key functions. High quality and properly installed windshield keep you well-protected while you are driving on the road. In fact, it is an extremely part of the overall safety restraint system of your vehicle. That is why you should never delay the replacement of a broken windshield.

For car owners, it is crucial to keep their windshields in tip-top shape. The windshield of your car doesn’t just shield you against winds and harsh weather, but it also saves you in the occurrence of a crash.

In modern cars, the windshield performs another key function – support the passenger-side airbags. Imagine what might happen, if the windshield gets detached during a rollover or crash. If the windshield is damaged or poorly fitted, it can cost you your life.

When driving a car or another vehicle, you should always strictly abide by safety guidelines. If your car’s windshield glass gets a crack that is beyond repair, you should seek the help of a reputed auto glass company to get it replaced without wasting any time.

If you are located in Austin, Texas, Magic Glass Repair is the ideal place for your car’s windshield replacement. We are trusted by a large number of clients from various fields of work and backgrounds. Our auto glass technicians are known for their unmatched skills and talents in the entire area.

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When to Replace a Damaged or Cracked Windshield?

It is not fun to spot damage or large cracks on the windshield of your car. The moment you find that your windshield has chipped or cracked, you should reach out to an auto glass shop where you can replace the broken windshield with a new one. But how does one know whether your cracked windshield needs a replacement? This is something that technicians will determine and tell.

When inspecting a broken windshield, the technician takes several things into account. Here are some key signs which help a professional find out if you should install a new windshield altogether.

Cracks or Chips:

The windshield must afford crystal-clear views of the road. If the windscreen is damaged or it has chips, you’ll have difficulty seeing when driving the car. Even if the cracks or chips are small, it can distort the visibility and crashes may happen as a result of that.

When driving on the road, you need to be extremely active and aware of everything that surrounds you. If the visibility isn’t clear, you won’t be able to see exactly how far or close other vehicles are. Accidents and crashes can happen with the slightest mistake on your part or due to the reckless behavior of others. The moment you notice impaired visibility due to damage to the windshield, you should hire an auto glass technician to fix it. Minor blemishes or small chips and cracks will go away with repairs. But if the cracks are large or chips are too many, you’ll need a complete replacement. Chips or cracks that lie directly in the line of vision can’t be repaired. This means the windshield will need to be replaced.

In any case, you should not put off the replacement for a later date, because doing so will only put your life at risk while driving.

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Vehicle Inspection:

As the owner of a car or vehicle, you’ll be required by the law to comply with the safety codes. State authorities conduct inspections to ensure that the vehicle follows all the safety standards. If a vehicle inspection is coming up, it is better to prepare yourself in advance.

Take a thorough look at all the important parts of your car, including the windshield or the auto glass. See if the windshield has any kind of damage which you were unable to notice till now. Even if your windshield has minor chips or damages, this could be the reason to fail the inspection. If the inspection isn’t successful, you’ll need to go through the entire process once again to clear it. Take your car to an auto glass shop or have a technician arrive at your location and conduct a thorough inspection of the windshield, side glasses, and the rear window glass.

Repair Hasn’t Fixed the Problem:

If the damage to the windshield has been repaired and still the issue hasn’t gone away, it is time to install a new windshield altogether. It is the duty of the glass technician to come up with the most ideal solution to any problem with the windscreen. Professionals carry an experience in dealing with a wide range of auto glass issues. If one or two repairs have not solved the problem, it is best to replace the damaged windshield with a new one. When you need a new windshield, getting multiple repairs will only mean wasting money.

Damage due to Weather Changes:

Chilly winter and temperature changes can also cause damage to the windshield. When there is an extreme difference in temperature outside and inside, this can take its toll on the auto glasses. Many people try to remove the snow from their windshield using boiling water. Beware, this can damage the auto glass beyond repair. During wintry weather, you should never park your car in the open. Keep it in a covered garage.

Taking proper care of the window glasses is always a high recommendation, especially during the chilly winter months. In fact, it is a good practice to thoroughly inspect the windshield at the end of the winter season.

Poor Installation:

Installing a windshield is the job of expert technicians. Never make the mistake of getting it replaced with a novice or someone who lacks experience. While this could be a nice option to save some money, the results can have consequences. Due to poor installation, the windshield can also easily get chips and cracks over time. A technician needs to follow every step with care and precision to perform a successful glass installation. Incorrectly installed windshields can come out any time and cause dangerous accidents.

If the windscreen comes off during a crash, this can lead to the death of the driver and the passengers due to serious injuries. Therefore, always remember to get the glass installation done by a reputed company.

All these are ideal scenarios that necessitate a windshield replacement rather than doing quick repairs or fixes. If the damage to your windscreen falls in any of these categories, you should expect a full replacement. At Magic Glass Repair, we always abide by the ‘repair-first’ policy. Our technicians will suggest replacement only in cases where repairs will never do the job.

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How Our Technicians Replace the Broken Windshield

If you are getting a new windshield, you might wonder how the entire installation is conducted. In any new installation, the technician needs to follow several steps in an effective manner. Here’s a quick look at how we perform the replacement so that you are clear on what to expect.

  • Prepping the Car:

    Before the windshield can be placed in its position, the technician needs to do some prep work. This includes taking some safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to the body and the interiors of the car. Smaller parts of the windshield such as the wiper and the rearview mirror will also be removed. Let the technician do all this prepping work.

  • Removing the Old Windshield:

    The next step is to take out the old, broken windshield in an appropriate manner. The technician will use the necessary tools and techniques for the removal of the windshield. There is a seal that attaches the windshield to the vehicle. This can either be removed to use again or it can be thrown away and the glass technician will use new molding. In most cases, the new molding will need to be used for proper, accurate installation.

  • Prepping the Car:

    Before the windshield can be placed in its position, the technician needs to do some prep work. This includes taking some safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to the body and the interiors of the car. Smaller parts of the windshield such as the wiper and the rearview mirror will also be removed. Let the technician do all this prepping work.

  • Preparing the New Windshield for Installation:

    After the old urethane has been fully stripped off, the technician will prime the surfaces of both the vehicular frame as well as the new window glass. Using new urethane will ensure that the bonding is extremely strong for effective installation.

  • Installing the New Windshield:

    Now, the technician will put the new windshield in the correct position. This is a critical step, which requires a lot of precision. The technician will take the required measurement so that the windshield gets installed accurately and there are no leak issues later. The technician will use special tools to move and adjust the windshield until it fits in correctly.

  • Giving the Final Touches:

    At last, the glass technician will put the other small parts back in position. Whether it is the old windshield or other debris from the installation, the technician will collect and dispose of it himself.

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