Getting Your Car’s Broken Auto Glass Replaced

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Auto Glass Replacement

For a vehicle and its occupants to be safe, it is essential to keep all the auto glasses of the vehicle clean and crack-free. Whether it is a car, an SUV, or a minivan, its windshield and the rear window glass are not merely aesthetic components. In fact, the main role of the auto glasses in a vehicle is to protect the occupants of the car in the event of a crash, collision, or rollover.

Auto glasses get cracks and chips for a number of reasons, even when you avoid parking your vehicle in an open space or near a construction site.

Many times, damage to the auto glass occurs when you are driving on the road. You never know when one of the tires of the passing car picks up a pebble or a piece of rock and it comes flying at high speed and hits the front auto glass or the driver or passenger’s side window.

The next moment you spot a small blemish on the glass or a large, visible crack on the auto glass of your vehicle. Damaged auto glass doesn’t only give you a distorted vision of the road, but it also compromises the safety of the occupants. If you ignore or delay the replacement of the cracked auto glass, you can put your life as well as those of your passengers’ lives in jeopardy.

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Why Broken Auto Glasses are Downright Dangerous

Broken or cracked auto glasses are a common occurrence for all drivers and vehicle owners. Whether you got the crack due to a flying pebble or harsh weather conditions, the point is to get the damaged auto glass replaced as quickly as you can. Driving with broken auto glass is very risky.

You should never think of damage to the auto glass as an insignificant issue. A crack is a lot more than just a crack. It’s a safety hazard.

While you may think that the crack is only a visibility issue, driving around with a broken auto glass actually exposes you to a number of life-threatening risks. Given below are some key reasons you should avoid driving your car with broken auto glass.

  • Obstructed Vision

  • Loss of Structural Integrity

  • Fatal Accidents

  • Improper Deployment of Airbags

  • Shattering Auto Glass

If the crack or the chip is located along the line of vision, this can hamper your driving – particularly in low-light areas or harsh weather. If the vision you get through the auto glass is obstructed, this can land you in serious trouble.

You could get into a crash or a collision. If the rays of the sun fall on the crack and get reflected, the blinding glare can lead to dangerous accidents. One of the main functions of a windshield is to provide support to the car’s roof. If the windshield is broken or improperly installed, it will come out during an accident and the roof of the vehicle will collapse. You can imagine what could happen next.

The windshield is scientifically designed to offer the occupants of car protection during a crash, collision, or rollover. If you want the airbags to deploy properly during a collision or accident and be safe, you should never drive with a loose, broken, cracked, or poorly installed windshield.

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Laws on Cracked Auto Glasses

Many states in America have their own set of laws in regard to broken auto glasses. No matter where you are located, you should have knowledge about how the laws in your state of residence apply to driving with a cracked windshield.

Even if your state doesn’t have specific laws concerning cracks in the auto glass, you should avoid driving in such a scenario for your own safety.

In those states where there are laws on “impaired driver’s vision”, you should avoid driving with a broken windshield in particular. Even if the related laws don’t clarify what exactly “impaired driver’s vision” includes, you should expect to get a ticket if an officer asks you to pull over.

There are other concerns as well. For example, you can’t take a driving test with a cracked or broken windshield in Texas. During a driving test, the windshield, as well as all the auto glasses of your vehicle, should be clean and free from any kind of cracks, chips, and dents.

Getting Your Car’s Broken Auto Glass Replaced

If one or more auto glasses of your vehicle have cracked or broken, you should visit an automotive glass replacement shop near your location. If you reside anywhere in the greater Austin area in Texas, you should call Magic Glass Repair, a reputed and trustworthy company for windshield replacement.

At first, our technicians will closely inspect the extent of the damage and then decide whether the chip or the crack can be repaired. If there are multiple chips or the crack is too large to get repaired, we’ll go ahead and replace the broken auto glass with a new one. The job will be done with great attention and precision.

At Magic Glass Repair, we adhere to a well-defined procedure for the accurate replacement of the damaged glass.

The key steps of the auto glass replacement procedure include:

  • Removal of the rearview mirror, wipers, and other components

  • Cutting the urethane seal

  • Removal of the broken windshield or auto glass

  • Getting rid of the excess urethane

  • Cleaning the bonding area

  • Application of the urethane primer

  • Running a bead of urethane along the perimeter

  • Installing the new auto glass

  • Give the urethane time to cure

  • Reinstall the removed components


Feel confident that our glass technicians will properly follow every step of the procedure to ensure correct windshield installation. After the installation, we’ll recheck everything and conduct a leak test.

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