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Tempered Glass

Whether it is the windshield, side windows, or the rear windows, all the windows in a car have special types of glasses. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the auto glasses of the vehicle they are going to buy.

Car advertisements too focus on other features and hardly mention the quality of glasses fitted in the windows. However, it is crucial to know and understand that auto glasses are engineered in a way to enhance the aesthetics and offer protection in a crash or collision.

In a car, you’ll see sunroof and sunblinds – in addition to the windscreen, side windows, and rear windows. The glass used in the side windows and rear or back windows is not the same as the one used in windshields.

The windshields and the windows of a car are fitted with two different types of glasses – laminated glass and tempered glass.

History of Automotive Glass

The use of glasses in a vehicle has been reported to begin in the early 20th century. In those days, the driver of a horseless carriage felt the need to protect themselves during the harsh weather. So, these carriages were provided with the most basic type of glass for protection against harsh winds.

But this glass lacked the quality and standard that was actually required for the safety of the carriage driver. The driver still felt unsafe while on the road. If the carriage got involved in an accident or some kind of object came flying onto the glass, it was hard for the driver to avoid injuries. In 1903, a French chemist discovered the idea of shatter-resistant glass. But it took some time till the idea came to fruition. The first use of laminated glasses began in 1920.

In the late 1930, automobile companies began to manufacture tempered glasses for use in the side and back windows of vehicles. In the years that followed, companies as well people clearly understood that auto glasses were not just for aesthetics. The main role of these glasses was to offer protection.

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Tempered Glass: Form and Function

The tempered glass in a vehicle is as important as the laminated glass in it. The glass has been designed and manufactured to provide safety to the driver and the occupants of the car. Automakers employ various kinds of methods to manufacture different types of window glasses for cars.

To create tempered glass, manufacturers use a well-defined procedure. They first heat and then immediately cool the glass to room temperature. The process is conducted using a system of blowers.

The tempered glass is manufactured by using a combination of two techniques which include compressive stresses and tensile stresses. Heating and cooling the glass at the same time corresponds to pulling and pushing stresses. As a result of the use of this technique, the glass acquires both tensile and compressive strength. This is how the tempered glass of a car is made.

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How A Car’s Tempered Glass Breaks

The backglass and the side window glasses of a car can break or crack due to bad weather, an accident, or when hit with a pebble picked up by the tires of a passing vehicle on the road. While driving on the road, you should always remain fully alert and aware of the surroundings.

Since side glasses and the rear window glasses have tempered glass, they break in a different way when damaged.

When a tempered glass breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces. But the broken glass pieces are not sharp. Instead, all the shattered pieces of the auto glass are round and blunt. This is to keep occupants of the car safe from glass-related injuries. The glass breaks in this way are due to the compressive and tensile stresses used during the manufacturing process of auto glass making.

Tempered glass is very robust. The strength of the glass allows worry-free every day driving for drivers and car owners.

Qualities of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used only in the side windows and the rear windows of a vehicle. This is done in keeping with the overall safety standards that the automakers are required to follow.

Key characteristics of tempered glass include:

  • Used for side window and rear windshield

  • Four times more robust than annealed glass

  • Endures temperature differences (90° C–150° C)

  • Shatters into blunt round pieces

It is extremely dangerous to drive with a damaged tempered glass, whether it is the side window or the rear window glass of your car. If the glass has chipped or cracked, you should immediately take your car to an auto glass repair shop in or near your location. Wasting time or ignoring the repair, even if the damage is small, can lead to serious consequences on the road.

Tempered Glass Solutions by Magic Glass Repair

At Magic Glass Repair, we understand each type of auto glass like the back of our hand. The handling, repair, and installation of tempered glass need skills and expertise. Our experienced technicians have repaired and replaced tempered glass for countless numbers of cars, SUVs, and minivans.

If the tempered or toughened glass of your car’s side window or back window has cracked, you should call our services in Austin, Texas. We’ll inspect the extent of the damage and suggest the most ideal and cost-effective solution to the problem.

Our glass technicians have been specially trained in dealing with the risks associated with the handling of certain types of glass. Once at our tempered glass company, you can be fully confident that the repair and installation will be done in an effective manner while strictly abiding by the safety codes. Feel free to give our office a phone call to schedule your free consultation right away.

Our services are designed to offer full satisfaction to all customers. If you are a busy working professional and don’t have the time to drive to a tempered glass repair shop, we’ll arrive at a location you want.

Our ultimate goal is to turn the entire process into a painless experience and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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