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One of the most common issues that all car owners have to deal with is a broken or damaged windshield. Whether it is a chip or a crack, damage to the windshield of a car requires immediate attention.

Since a car is a valuable investment, you need to maintain it properly for your and your family’s safety. While driving on the road, pebbles, stones, and other small objects can hit the windscreen of your car. As a result of the impact, the window glass suffers chips and divots.

If your car’s windshield is in need of repair or replacement, you should head straight to Magic Glass Repair or give us a quick call so that our auto glass technicians can reach you at your home or office.

The windshield of a car can break or get damaged in different ways. You might have heard about cracks or chips. But these are not the only kinds of damage that can occur to the windscreen of a car. The window glass can break in the shape of a crater or in the pattern of a star. Many windshield cracks are a mix of chips, cracks, and fissures.

No matter what kind of damage your car’s windshield has suffered, our technicians are quite well-versed in all aspects of auto glass repair and replacement. We operate in the Greater Austin area and offer auto glass services to a wide range of clients – both in the residential and commercial sectors.

We Use Premium Quality Products and Materials


At Magic Glass Repair, we take pride in the quality of auto glass services that we offer as well as the dedicated team of skilled technicians we have. Since the repair and the replacement of windshields is a multi-step process, completing these tasks requires both skills and experience.

Windshield repair work is connected with the safety of the car’s driver and occupants. You shouldn’t just hire anyone to repair or replace the windscreen of your vehicle. Instead, you should work with only those service providers who have been in the field for several years and perform the service in a professional manner. Whether you have damaged your car’s windshield, side mirrors, or sunroof, our repair services are focused on offering top-notch quality.

All the products and materials that use have been sourced from reputed dealers. We understand that the windshield is the first line of protection against all kinds of road debris and mishaps.

Low quality auto glasses or improper repair or installation can put your life in danger. We source auto glasses from OEM glass manufacturers.

So, these glasses are equivalent in quality to OEM glasses. We use auto glasses from major brands such as Pilkington, AGC, FYC, United, Guardian, Saint Gobain, Carlex, etc. When it comes to adhesive, we use Sika products, which are widely known for their remarkable bonding qualities. While there are other Urethane brands in the market, we have always preferred Sika.

Other adhesive brands come along with a set of safe drive-away time conditions which are tough to follow. But Sika products offer a broader range in terms of temperature, humidity, and elevation, and the conditions they come with are simpler. All the products we use are of premium quality.

In an attempt to avoid speaking in hyperbole, I’ll start by saying this company is incredible. They’re extremely kind, knowledgeable, and very obviously seek to go above and beyond in the way they care for their customers. They’re fair, quick, and exhibit literally everything one would desire in a service company. I’m tempted to throw rocks at my window every few months just so I can have an excuse to get treated so well all over again. You would be wrong to not call upon this company.

Brian Skulski

A Comprehensive Range of Auto Glass Services

At Magic Glass Repair, we perform all kinds of windshield repair and installation work. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians complete each task with a great eye for detail and utmost precision. Most of all, our auto glass services are designed to suit your individual needs. 

Our spectrum of services include:

Our service technicians have dealt with all makes and models of cars. No matter which makes or model your vehicle belongs to, you can reach out to use for professional repair of a broken windshield. 

Apart from windshield repair, we also repair the side or rear windows of cars.

Our expert technicians employ the latest technology and the most modern equipment and tools to perform the repair with great accuracy.

At Magic Glass Repair, we always focus on doing an excellent job the first time. Whether it is a big vehicle or a small vehicle, feel confident that our technicians will repair a broken windshield or replace the damaged windshield with a new one within an hour. 

Certified Technicians:

Safety is Our #1 Priority

At Magic Glass Repair, safety has remained the topmost priority from day one. That is exactly why we employ only certified auto glass technicians in our company. We strictly adhere to the federal and DOT standards.

All our technicians have to complete three months of on-the-job training provided by expert instructors. Tests are conducted on a regular basis to track the progress of all technicians being trained.

It is mandatory for all technicians to spend time in a classroom environment as well as clear a written test, which together determines their auto glass skills and competency. During the training, technicians learn a wide range of techniques used in the field of auto glass service.

They become well-versed in the effective bonding of urethane to the auto glass to the car. In addition, our technicians also receive training in the prevention of urethane leaks.

The windshield is the only layer of defense between you and the outside elements. If the installation of the windscreen is not accurate, it can expose the car’s occupants to grave danger.

When working with us, you can feel confident that your vehicle is in expert hands. Our technicians will effectively perform the auto glass replacement and restore the structural integrity of your car. 

mobile car window replacement

Lifetime Warranty: We Stand Behind our Workmanship

A warranty is a proof that the work done by an auto glass company is of excellent quality. It gives car owners complete peace of mind to know that the service provider stands firm behind its products and materials.

At Magic Glass Repair, we offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all new windshield installations. After the replacement is done, we continue to back up our workmanship and the products used.

Our technicians work with such dedication and precision that the chances of defects due to workmanship are very slim.

If in case there arises any issue, our technicians will arrive at your location and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

If the windshield has a leak, the technician will inject a sealer and the problem will go away. If there is more than one leak or the sealed leak still has issues, we’ll perform a free removal and replacement.

If the issues with the windshield don’t go away even after taking these measures and the windshield is verified to be defective, we’ll get a new auto glass and assign another technician for re-replacement of the same. At the same time, we’ll also refund every dollar that you have paid us.


Avail Yourself of Reliable Same-Day Service

It is illegal and unsafe to drive around with a broken windshield or a cracked side glass during the winters. If the windshield or other glass windows of your vehicle have been damaged, you shouldn’t wait or put off the repair task.

Instead, you should get in touch with a reputable auto glass service provider as quickly as possible. If you need auto glass repair and replacement services on the same day, reach out to our office and we’ll schedule your repair work immediately. Our technicians can reach your workplace, hotel room, school, or any other location.

Our team of expert technicians is highly trained and fully equipped to perform most of the windshield jobs on the same day. 

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