Common Auto Glass Questions Answered

At the Magic Glass Repair, we receive a lot of questions from customers living in and near Austin, TX. Being well-informed is always helpful, no matter what type of service or product you are talking about. If you are looking for a windshield repair or replacement service, you may have multiple doubts and concerns. Therefore, it is crucial to gain an insight into how we operate, how we render our service, and how the auto glass repair or installation is carried out.

If this is the first time you are getting a windshield repair or replacement, we would like to clear your confusion on certain important topics. That is exactly why we have put together this list of questions and answers. In case you don’t find one of your questions in this list, talk to us over the phone.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Free Questions Answered by Auto Glass Professionals

Absolutely it does. In fact, it is extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle with a broken or chipped windshield. A damaged glass will reduce your visibility and accidents can happen at any time. Plus, if your car or SUV hits a bump in the road, the damage is likely to spread further or the entire auto glass can break. To avoid any mishaps or serious consequences, you should call an auto glass technician as soon as you spot a chip or crack and get it fixed quickly.

When a windshield is broken, the first problem that arises is whether the damage needs a repair or a new installation. The answer to this question depends on several factors. It is the job of the technician to review the extent of damage and then find out the most ideal solution. 

Generally, if the chip is smaller than a coin, the windshield can be fixed with a repair. If the chip is larger, a complete replacement of the auto glass will be required. However, you should allow the technician to perform a close examination and then determine what will be the best fix. Many times, even small damage will require a replacement simply because it is located in the driver’s line of sight. At Magic Glass Repair, we strictly adhere to a “Repair First” policy so that the damage can be fixed quickly and you can get back on the road in minutes. Our technicians will never replace the entire auto glass if the solution is a repair.

Yes, they are different. The windshield is designed using advanced technology to provide maximum protection to the occupants during a crash or collision. These glasses are laminated safety glasses.

Laminated safety glass has three layers; two curved sheets of glasses are joined together with a plastic layer between them. The plastic layer is placed between the two sheets using lamination technology. This specialized form of glass doesn’t break easily during an accident. On the other hand, the side and the rear auto glasses in a car are tempered glasses. Both these types of glasses react differently in a car crash, accident or collision.

 In most cases, it takes less time to repair a windshield than to replace it. You can expect to get a repair done in 10-15 minutes. However, the repair can take longer, if the chip is a complex one. If the chip is small and simple, the technician will be able to repair it quite fast. But if the break is a quarter-sized, you will need to give a little more time to the technician to fix it.

During a repair, the technician will also need to clean the windshield, both from inside and outside. The removal and the cleaning of the tiny particles of glass from the site of damage also take some time.

The replacement of a windshield is a detailed procedure. It requires skills as well as great attention to detail. If you have irreparable damage, you can expect the new windshield installation to complete in 45-60 minutes. However, you should keep in mind the downtime in the case of replacement. After a repair, you can get back on the road immediately. But you will need to wait for a couple of hours before you are ready to drive after a windshield replacement.

After the new windshield has been installed, some time will be required for the adhesive to become solid and permanent. If the time to cure and bond is not given, the auto glass can loosen or get damaged.

Absolutely. Our Magic Glass Repair is a mobile auto glass repair and replacement service. The purpose of the free mobile service is to make your life easy. If you are busy with a job or project or you don’t have time to drive to an auto glass shop, you should give us a phone call. Whether you are at your home, office, or any other location, our expert technicians will reach the place and fix your broken windshield exactly where you are – without charging extra.

Our mobile services include auto glass repair, windshield replacement, tempered glass, windshield crack repair, back glass repair, fleet auto glass repair, etc. We operate in the Greater Austin area.

The cost of a windshield repair depends on multiple factors such as the type and location of the damage as well as the area you live. Prices may vary from one city or state of the US to another. Small and simple chips are cheaper to repair than complex chips or dents. Getting a basic chip repaired will cost you anywhere between $60 and $80. However, you should talk to the auto glass company to find out the accurate cost of your windshield repair.

The answer to this question lies in the type of coverage your auto insurance offers. Not all insurance policies cover the cost of windshield replacement. If you have bought a premium insurance package, the insurance company will pay for the 100% cost of your windshield replacement. 

So, first, you need to know whether you have a premium insurance plan or standard insurance coverage. Some insurance companies only provide some discounts to car owners for a windshield replacement. They offer this through an agreement which they have with some selected auto glass shops in a particular geographical location. If you are in doubt about the type of coverage you have, you should call your insurer and find out the details of the plan.

At Magic Glass Repair, we do accept auto insurance. For your convenience, we will also work closely with your insurance company to make the entire claim process easier for you. In the Austin area, we have tie-ups with most of the popular auto and vehicle insurance providers. 

The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When it comes to the installation of a new windshield, you will come across several qualities of auto glass. The best among them is the OEM quality, which means the glass has the same quality as that of a windshield installed in a brand new car. These glasses are made by popular brands and they are either resold or rebranded and resold by third parties. Installing an OEM quality windshield means you will have equivalent safety standards as that of your original auto company windshield. 

In terms of thickness and many other design features, you will find OEM quality glasses similar to original windshields.

 Before the new installation can begin, our technician will remove some of the external and internal parts of the car. Whether it is the rearview mirror or any other element, we will reattach all these after the installation is complete. So, rest assured that we will return your car in tip-top shape.

Of course. All our new windshield installations come with a guarantee for as long as you have ownership of the car – except rust perforation. For every new windshield, we offer 30 days of guarantee against manufacturing defects, cracks, or flaws. To get warranty repairs, you will be required to provide us with proof of purchase. At Magic Glass Repair, we always stand firm behind each product that we sell and install in your car, SUV, truck, or van.

If you ever have an issue with the repair or replacement work we do, you should give our office a quick call.

We offer several payment options. As per your convenience, you can pay us in cash or via a debit, Visa, or MasterCard. If you have insurance coverage for your windshield replacement, we can also help you complete the entire process and collect the payment from your car insurance provider.

Our expert, mobile team of auto glass technicians has specialization in the repair and replacement of windshields for all makes, models, and sizes of vehicles. Whether it is a car, SUV, van, truck, or school bus, you should reach out to our company and let us know about your broken windshield. 

After a discussion, our technicians will reach your place and complete the job in a professional manner.

Yes, we do. If you operate a fleet of cars, SUVs, trucks, or vans, it can be a big challenge to keep the entire fleet in good shape. Chipped or cracked windshield and auto glasses will immediately take several of your vehicles off the road, impacting your business growth and income. 

At Magic Glass Repair, we offer fleet services for a wide range of clients all across the Greater Austin area. For fleet owners, it is crucial to operating all vehicles in a safe and reliable manner. Our mobile team of auto glass technicians is always on their toes to reach your location and carry out all the glass repair and replacement work on-site. Our services are specially designed to make the entire servicing process both simple and efficient for all clients.

Yes. We consider it our duty to make the windshield repair and replacement for every client as smooth as possible. If you have a broken windshield, front door auto glass, rear door auto glass, vent glass, quarter glass, or back glass, all you need to do is give our office a phone call. After a review of the glass damage, our specialists will send you a quote for free. This is our way of keeping things transparent and help you make a fully well-informed decision.