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Auto Glass Repair

It is too dangerous to drive a car with its windshield damaged or incorrectly installed. While you are on the road driving a vehicle, you should always make sure that all the auto glasses of the vehicle are fully secure.

You never know when a pebble or a small piece of stone could hit your windscreen or when you could get into a car crash. So, it is crucial to pay heed to the condition of your car’s auto glasses and repair the damages if they have a chip, ding, or crack.

Do you understand how an incorrectly installed auto glass could put your life in jeopardy if you happen to be in an accident?

Whether it is an auto repair or a windshield replacement, these are tasks that must be done only by professionals. Glass technicians receive training in fixing a wide variety of auto glass damages. If a damaged or broken auto glass doesn’t get a proper repair or the new window glass isn’t properly installed, this could lead to loss of life – in case your car crashes or gets into an accident.

Your and your loved ones’ lives are precious and you should never ignore the chip and cracks on your auto glass. Even if it is a chip, you should get it repaired before it spreads and the small issue turns into a major problem and endangers the lives of the car’s occupants.

At Magic Glass Repair, we possess comprehensive experience in the automotive glass business. Our glass technicians and installers are well-known in the greater Austin area for their high quality workmanship. If the windshield of your car has broken or cracked, you should reach out to our expert technicians for a quick inspection and scheduling of the repair or replacement work.

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The Importance of a Car Auto Glass

Apart from the windshield, a car has many other glass windows including side window glass, rear glass, and back window glass. But what is the role of these auto glasses? Are they provided just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car? Of course not. The auto glasses of a car are designed with the use of the most advanced technology to perform a number of crucial roles.

Apart from the windshield, a car has many other glass windows including side window glass, rear glass, and back window glass. But what is the role of these auto glasses? Are they provided just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car? Of course not. The auto glasses of a car are designed with the use of the most advanced technology to perform a number of crucial roles.

While the main role of the car’s windshield or other glasses is to offer you a full-circle vision of the surroundings as you drive, they are primarily designed and fitted to keep you safe while on the road.

When you are driving, it is crucial to be fully aware of what passes you on either side of the road and what surrounds you. A clear view of the road and other vehicles around enables you to drive safely and follow the traffic rules. However, the auto glasses of a vehicle give you protection against anything that could come flying onto your windshield or crashes and accidents.

The way auto glasses function also involves physics. In the occurrence of a rollover, the auto glasses offer support to the car frame as well as the roof of the car so that the occupants don’t get crushed. Likewise, the unique functional design of the auto glasses also protects the driver and other occupants of the car against hard impact.

In short, the windshield and the window glasses of the car offer you a strong defense that you need for safe driving on the road, apart from giving you a 360-degree vision of the road and enhancing the aesthetics.

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Assessment of Auto Glass Damages

Broadly speaking, the damages to a windshield and window glasses of a car can be categorized into a) chips and b) cracks. However, there are multiple types of damages and each of them requires a different type of fix. Our auto glass technicians have dealt with all kinds of damages including bull’s eye, half-moon, edge crack, floater crack, crack chip, combination break, etc.

So, the first step to a repair or replacement is to assess the type of damage to the auto glasses of the car. 

As soon as you notice a blemish on the windshield of your car or a type of damage to the windscreen, you should take a closer look at what kind of damage it is. It could be a chip or a crack or a combination of both. Chips look like small blemishes and they occur exactly at the point of impact. Chips also vary in terms of their size and shape.

On the other hand, cracks are larger than chips and they are usually more prominent. A crack can measure a couple of inches or it can be as long as the width of the car’s windscreen itself. No matter how small or severe the damage is, our technicians will assess its type and extent and then determine whether the broken automotive glass needs a repair or it should be replaced with a new one.

Should You Get the Auto Glass Repaired?

At Magic Glass Repair, our skilled technicians first look for the possibility of repair. So, let our professionals assess the damage first, and then they’ll suggest the best course of action in your case. 

When inspecting the damage, the technician takes three key factors into consideration – size, location, and depth of the impact. It is only after they have evaluated how badly the windshield has broken that they will recommend whether you should get it repaired or install a new windshield altogether.

If the auto glass of your vehicle has chipped, the technician will check out the size of the damage as well as the number of chips. If there is a single chip and it measures less than 40 mm in diameter, it is repairable. In case the chip is larger, it can’t be repaired. Instead, the technician will replace the broken auto glass with a brand new windscreen.

Also, if the windshield has suffered more than 2 chips, a repair won’t be possible. Another factor that plays a key role in the determination of repair or replacement is where exactly the damage is located.

In many cases, the crack lies in the driver’s line of vision. This is a critical location for windshield damage. This is a case for auto glass replacement, not repair. Likewise, if the windshield has cracked towards the edge, the best course of action would be to install a new windshield. If you go the repair route, in this case, the structural integrity of the car would be compromised.

When evaluating the severity of damage to the windshield, the depth of the impact is also a significant factor. If the damage is only in the upper layer, it can be repaired by the technician. 

Minor chips are easy to repair. However, you should take note of such minor issues and seek the consultation of our expert technicians as quickly as possible. The timely repair will not only keep you safe but also prevents the minor chip from spreading and turning into a much bigger problem.

If a small chip is left unrepaired, the damage will get worse, and then replacing the windshield with a new one will be your only option. If you have a similar issue with your car’s auto glass, reach out to Magic Glass Repair and schedule your appointment to get it fixed.

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Why You Should Choose Our Auto Glass Repair Company

Repairing or replacing the windshield of a car, truck or van is no small task. In fact, it is a job that requires experience and a great eye for detail. If the damage is not fixed properly and with accuracy, you may not be safe while driving the car on the road. Find an auto glass service that is well-known for doing quality work and completing the job in a professional manner.

Magic Glass Repair is one such auto glass repair service that you can always rely on for all kinds of windshield repair and replacement. We take pride in offering our clients the highest service standards and the best quality products and materials.

All our auto glass technicians are expertly trained in reviewing the damage, the repairing of window glasses, installation of new windshields, removal of trims and hoods, and realigning the frames among others. For replacements, we use only OEM quality glasses from reputed manufacturers. Our premium quality adhesive also reduces the wait time from the typical three hours to just one hour.

The lifetime warranty that we offer is proof that we don’t disappear after installing your auto glass. You can reach us anytime without any hassle. Give us a phone call or send us an email and you’ll be responded to in a timely manner. Unlike other companies, you can always talk to a real person at our auto glass company and discuss your issues and concerns for the best solutions.

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