Does Your Insurance Company Cover Auto Glass Services Expenses?

At Magic Glass Repair, we have tie-ups with all insurance companies. Call our specialists in Greater Austin Area and see how much of your glass repair expenses are covered by your insurance company


The windshield, the side windows, and the rear window glass of your car are at risk for damage from a variety of outside elements. Your auto glass can get cracks or chips if a passing vehicle picks up pebble or stone and it comes flying onto the glass.

The crack or chip can be either small or the damage can be so serious that you’ll need a complete replacement of the windshield. Even if it is just one chip or a small crack, you should get it repaired fast. Not getting it fixed immediately will only worsen the damage and it will spread to become a larger problem.

But the bigger question is, “Will your car insurance cover the expenses for repair or replacement of your windshield?

Whether the insurance policy will pay for your windshield replacement depends on the kind of insurance you have.

As per the coverage terms of your auto insurance policy, you may get the expense reimbursed in full or get partial reimbursement. Or else, you may not get any reimbursement at all.

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What Type of Car Insurance Policy Do You Have?

All car insurance policies are not the same. It is important for you to understand the type of insurance you have. If you don’t have the right kind of insurance, you should get one soon – before you have a damaged windshield. Or else, you’ll have to bear the cost of repair or replacement out of pocket.

Comprehensive Coverage:

This insurance is also referred to as “other than collision coverage.” This means that the insurance policy will cover the damages only if it was caused due to reasons other than collision, hence the name. If your car’s windshield gets damaged due to flying or falling objects, acts of vandalism, fire or bad weather, the coverage will be applicable.

Check out the details of your insurance to find out whether you have comprehensive coverage or not. If you don’t have it, reach out to your insurance agent and have it added before damage occurs.

Full Glass Coverage:

This is additional insurance that is available only in some US states. If you have this car insurance, you won’t need to pay the deductible for an auto glass claim. This policy can have different names in different places.

Buying this policy will mean you won’t have to worry about windshield damages anymore. Whether you get the windshield repaired or replaced, the glass claim will cover the expenses in full, with no need to even pay the deductible.

Service Options: Repair vs Replacement

When you have a damaged windshield, there are two options – repair the windshield or install a new one. The solution can be determined only after a thorough inspection by an expert auto glass technician.

A broken windshield can be repaired when the chip or cracks are quarter-sized. If the crack is three inches or more, you’ll need a new windshield. In most cases, your insurer will cover the repair cost-free of charge.

This will not impact your insurance rates either. In case of a new installation, the insurance company will cover the expenses either completely or partially. You may need to pay a deductible amount depending on the terms of your car insurance policy.

How much you are going to pay out of pocket will be determined after inspecting and ascertaining the extent and type of the damage.

If your insurance covers the damage but the cost of the repair is less than the deductible, you’ll be responsible to bear the outstanding cost. If the cost of the repair exceeds the deductible, you’ll be responsible to bear the deductible that may apply.


File a Glass Claim without Wasting Time

If your car’s windshield has cracked or got damaged, you should go ahead and file a claim as soon as possible. The sooner you complete the filing procedure, the sooner the repair or the replacement can be done.

If the chip or the crack is tiny, you shouldn’t put off the repair work for a later date. When you drive with a damaged windshield, you’ll compromise your safety and put your life at risk. Also, wasting time means the damage will spread to other parts of the glass and the problem will become larger. If you don’t get the small damages repaired fast, you may need a replacement later. Getting small chips repaired will not require you to pay out of pocket cost. For fast repair, reach out to Magic Glass Repair or have our mobile team arrive at your home or office.

If your insurance policy offers coverage for personal liability and property damage only, you’ll need to bear the cost of windshield repair or replacement on your own. So, find out what exactly your insurance covers.

Not Sure if You Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

At Magic Glass Repair, we have tie-ups with all participating insurance companies. If you are not sure whether your insurance covers the cost of windshield repair, give us a phone call and we’ll gather the details for you. Also, we’ll bill your insurance company for your new windshield installation.

Our ultimate goal is to offer you a worry-free and convenient service experience so that you are happy and fully satisfied.