Let Us Replace Your Car’s Back Glass in an Effective Manner

Your car’s back glass is so important. Delaying the repair or the replacement of cracked back glass can have serious consequences. Call us now in Greater Austin Area to take care of that.

Back Glass Replacement and Repair

The rear window or the back glass of your car may break or get damaged due to many reasons and in different ways. If you have been in an accident or a pebble from the road has hit your vehicle’s back glass, you should seek the help of an expert auto glass technician to get it fixed – as quickly as possible. Leaving the window glass in a shattered or cracked state can compromise the safety of the passengers of the car and put their lives at risk on the road.

When it comes to the replacement and repair of window glass, you should always head to a reputed technician. At Magic Glass Repair, we specialize in fixing all kinds of chips, cracks, and damages done to auto glass.

In a car, there are several components that offer protection to the driver as well as other occupants while on the road.

In fact, the window glasses are designed in a particular way to provide maximum safety during a collision, rollover, or accident. Even during the harsh weather, the front and the rear glasses of the vehicle keep out the rain and various kinds of debris.

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Replacing the Back Glass is Different than Replacing the Windshield

Each component of a car has its own features and functions. When talking about auto glasses, it is important to understand that the back glass and the windshield are not exactly the same.

When getting a rear window glass replaced, you’ll notice that the costs for the two services are not the same either. Here is a quick look at how a back glass is different.

Type of Glass:

The windshield of a car is made from laminated glass, which has three layers. But the back glass isn’t laminated glass. It is made from tempered glass, which is a different type of glass. The front windshield is designed in a way to be shatter-proof.

This means the glass will not shatter when it sustains damage. On the other hand, the back glass will shatter when pebbles hit it or the vehicle is involved in an accident. But the back glass shatters in pebble-like tiny pieces. This feature prevents the occupants of the car from getting glass-related injuries.

Need for Cleanup:

During a back glass replacement, the glass technician will first need to perform a clean-up thoroughly. This is because the rear window glass shatters and the small pieces are everywhere. The inside of the car also needs proper cleaning before the replacement process can begin.

Installation Time:

The structure of the back glass is a little different than other auto glass of a car. The rear window glass connects to a defrost grid. The function of this grid is to melt the ice gathered on the glass during snowfall. That is why the technician will take some more time for a replacement.

At Magic Glass Repair, we have a highly competent and passionate team of auto glass technicians who have replaced countless backglasses for all makes and models of cars. You can call us to arrive at your home or office to replace your back glass..

From making the appointment to changing out my windshield, the folks at Magic Glass Repair made the experience easy and enjoyable! Ron did a great job! I recommend them for crack repair or replacement!

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What Causes Damage to Your Car’s Back Glass

The back glass plays a crucial role both in terms of offering a 360-degree vision of the road and giving protection from outdoor elements. The back glass is designed to endure a high degree of impact, it does get damaged or cracked. Given below are some key reasons as to why back glass breaks.

Bad Weather:

A lot of back glasses get damaged during harsh weather. People park their vehicles when the weather is not favorable for driving. A car that is parked outside remains exposed to all kinds of damages that can happen due to high winds, heavy rains, and storms.

During a storm, branches fall down from trees, and debris flies and hits the auto glass of the vehicle. Rear window or back window glasses getting cracked due to hailstones is also common.

Pebbles and Debris:

Back glasses can also get damaged when a flying pebble or debris hits the glasses on the road. Sometimes, the pebbles get picked up by the tires of the passing vehicles and the pebbles hit and damage the back glass of your car.

If you travel to a new place, you should take a look around before parking your car. Parking the car in a place where construction or building repair work is going on is a surefire way to damage your back glass.


Car accidents continue to happen. During a crash or collision, the back glass often gets shattered. While driving on the road, heavy objects can come flying and damage the back glass. That is why it is crucial to driving a car with focused attention so that you are aware of your surroundings.

Poor Installation:

The replacement and repair of back glass is the job of an expertly trained technician. If you get it repaired by someone who is a novice, the fixing will not be of top quality.

Incorrect installation is one of the common reasons that lead to cracks and damages to the back glass. Don’t get the fixing done by an unskilled person just to save some money. For proper installation, always hire a skilled auto glass technician.

A reputed glass repair service offers premium quality products and materials and highly trained technicians. For proper replacement and repair, the use of world-class tools and equipment is very important.

Above all, the technician also needs to perform the entire process while abiding by the safety standards. When the back glass replacement is correct, the structural strength of your vehicle will be fully restored and you’ll be safe while driving on the road again.

Why Replacing Car Back Glass Can’t Wait

The back glass of your car isn’t any less important than the windshield. All components together function to keep you safe during an accident or collision. Delaying the repair or the replacement of cracked back glass can have serious consequences. Here is why the back glass is a crucial part of the car.

  • Have a Clear Line of Vision: While driving on the road, the back glass of your car must be in a tip-top position. If you drive with a crack, impaired visibility could jeopardize your life and those of the passengers. You will find it hard to drive with a cracked rear window glass during bad weather. If you want to have excellent visibility and successfully navigate and cut-through traffic, you should get your cracked window glass replaced or repaired without wasting time.

  • Protect Car’s Interiors: Outside elements can enter the car’s interiors through cracks in the back glass. If rain or snow gets inside your car, it can cause damage to the inner parts and upholstery. Therefore, the back glass keeps you as well as the interiors of the car protected at all times.

  • Enhance Aesthetics: Both the windshield as well as the back glass are equally crucial for the structural integrity and esthetics of the car. The presence of the back door offers the occupants of the car a feeling of openness.

  • Avoid Bigger Damage: Even if the damage is limited to a chip, it is not advisable to drive the car with that damaged back glass. If you drive with a chipped or cracked rear window glass, the damage can not only spread but this can put your life at risk as the chances of accidents will increase. Never waste any time and get the damage fixed or repaired as quickly as you can.

If the back glass of your SUV, car, or minivan has chipped or cracked, call our mobile services for replacement or repair by an expert technician. The sooner you get the damage fixed, the better.

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Call Our Glass Repair Mobile Services

At Magic Glass Repair, we perform the back glass replacement and repair process in an effective manner. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect the damage to your car’s rear window glass. If the auto glass is severely damaged, they’ll remove the glass pieces and vacuum the debris.

After conducting the clean-up, the installation of the new window glass will begin. If the damage is small and repairable, the technicians will fix it within a couple of minutes.

All our back window glass installations come with a lifetime warranty for workmanship. Unlike many other auto glass service providers, we stand behind all the work that we do.

If you are pressed for time and can’t drive to a shop, give us a phone call to take advantage of our free mobile glass repair service.

Whether it is a repair or a new back glass installation, we guarantee you unmatched work quality and superior customer service. Our same-day glass repair services ensure a fast turnaround so you can get back to your day’s schedule and on the road quickly.