Every driver needs to be extremely careful while on the road. While you will try to avoid everything that can damage your windshield, some things are not within your control. At some time or the other, you might have to deal with a broken auto glass. There are various causes of windshield damage. As a car owner, it is good for you to remain aware of how exactly windshield glass can sustain chips and cracks. Some damages are immediately visible and you will be able to spot them as soon as they occur. But there are other automotive glass flaws that will be hard to detect for a layperson. So, the best advice is to get your front windshield or back windshield thoroughly inspected by a trained auto glass technician.

Causes That Make You Want to Do Windshield Repair

Let us discuss some of the most common causes of windshield damage and what you can do to prevent those damages.

Car Accidents

Modern automotive glasses are designed to keep out external elements and provide enough protection to the driver and the other passengers in a car or SUV. These auto glasses are designed to be shatter-proof, in order to eliminate the chances of glass injuries to the occupants. However, the glass can sustain damage during a vehicle crash or collision. That is why vehicular accidents are among the most common causes of windshield glass damage.

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There are different types of car accidents such as collision, head-on collision, rear-end collision, multiple vehicle collision, rollover etc. Though car manufacturing companies are introducing advanced features to reduce the occurrence of accidents and enhance the safety of the occupants. Still, accidents will continue to happen due to system errors and human errors. The windshield gets damaged in different ways, based on the type and severity of an accident. In many cases, the auto glass sustains damage even if you cannot see any cracks or chips. Even if a car simply runs into a highway barrier, the impact can harm the windshield glass.

If you think your windshield is not the same after a collision or accident, you should turn to an expert technician such as those from Magic Glass Repair, which operates in the Greater Austin Area, TX.

How to Prevent: While on the road, you should strictly abide by all the traffic rules and guidelines. Always drive in a proper and careful manner. Stay alert all the time and give space for other cars, SUVs and trucks. Slow down your vehicle when required. Above all, never drive under the influence of alcohol. Avoid driving in bad weather and on poorly-lit or uneven roads.

Flying Objects and Falling Debris

One of the main functions of windshield glass is to keep small, flying objects and stones out. If a flying piece of stone or wood hits the auto glass with force, the glass can sustain chips and cracks. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of automotive glass damage. While driving on the road, you never know when a rock or piece of stone can come flying onto the auto glass.

The extent of damage depends on at what speed the flying object hits the windscreen of the car or SUV.

A flying object can make a crack or chip in the automotive glass. The windshield glass may sometimes develop multiple chips at a time. Also, falling debris can damage the auto glass of a car, SUV, truck, mini van, etc. For example, parking your vehicle under a tree or near a construction site can be risky. You never know when stones or other objects fall down straight onto the windscreen. All these are common incidents that often happen to car owners.

How to Prevent: Avoid tailgating other vehicles in front. If you drive too close behind another car, SUV, or truck, you will never get time to respond to a stone or rock that is coming straight onto the windscreen. Park your car under a shade or in the parking lot to avoid damage from falling debris.

If your windshield is broken, you should get in touch with a windshield repair service in or near your location. For those living in the Greater Austin Area, Magic Glass Repair is an ideal place for auto glass repair or auto glass installation. The technician will first thoroughly inspect the damage and then come up with the right solution that brings back the structural integrity of the vehicle. For all auto window replacement jobs, we use only high-quality automotive glass and premium quality materials as well as offer customers a lifetime warranty on the services.

Old Wiper Blades

You may think of wiper blades as small and unimportant. But, actually, these small parts perform a crucial role. Wipers keep the car’s glass clean so that the driver can see clearly and be safe on the road.

Wiper blades need to be in tip-top condition to perform the cleaning job in a proper manner. If the rubber blades of the wiper are worn out or have cracks, they can damage the windshield glass. This is because then the metal frame will directly touch the car’s auto glass and scratch its surface. So, these tiny components can cause a lot of damage to the windshield glass. This is an even greater concern when you get an auto glass replacement done. Since you have invested in the brand new auto glass, you simply cannot let old and worn-out wiper blades scratch the glass and damage it soon after an auto windshield replacement.

Windshields should also be kept neat and clean at all times. Dirt and sand particles on the windscreen can lead to scratches as the wiper blades catch these particles and then start to move across the glass.

Keep a close watch on the condition of your wiper blades. Make sure there is no dust and dirt before you start to use the wipers. Most of all, replace your old wiper blades with new ones every time you get an auto windshield replacement done at a shop or via mobile glass service.

Construction Vehicles

When driving on the road, you should always maintain some distance from other vehicles, particularly construction vehicles. In fact, these vehicles often display messages on their back to keep them back.

Construction vehicles carry all kinds of building materials including rocks, gritty, sand, stones, etc. If you drive too close on the side of or behind these trucks, the materials can come flying directly and hit your windshield glass. That is exactly why most of these trucks also display an additional warning that they do not take responsibility for any kind of damage done to your windshield by the material they are carrying. Driving too close to or behind construction vehicles is one of the most common causes of car windshield and window glass damage.

How to Prevent: Be alert while driving on a highway or road. Keep an eye out for all kinds of construction vehicles. Never drive too close to or behind these vehicles to protect your auto glass and be safe.

Abrasive Cleaning Materials

Keeping the windshield and other window glasses of your car or SUV is important. But you should also know what materials and products to use to clean up the automotive glasses without causing damage.

Many car owners damage their windshield glasses by using abrasive materials to perform the cleaning. These materials are too hard for glass surfaces and can lead to permanent scratches. Scrubber and scouring pads are not the ideal material for cleaning automotive glasses. So, even if you get an auto window repair done, these scratches will not go away. Using abrasive materials is one of the most common causes of auto glass damage.

How to Prevent: Clean the windshield with a car wash sponge. There are car shampoos and car glass cleaners available out there. It is always a good idea to get your car or SUV washed at an auto glass shop or call in a mobile team to get the job done on-site. In any case, never apply harmful chemicals or detergents to clean the windshield glass as it proves to be damaging.

Poor Installation

Auto glass installation is a procedure that requires a lot of attention, focus, and skills. If the previous technician used low-quality auto glass or did not perform the installation in a proper manner, it could lead to windshield damage later. When a broken or damaged auto glass is removed and a new one is installed in its place, the technician needs to follow all the steps with a high level of accuracy, use the right glass adhesive material, and give the adhesive enough time for drying up. If the technician misses out on any of the essential steps, you are going to have issues with your automotive glass as you start driving the car again.

Poor or low-quality installation can also put your life in serious danger while driving on the road or when you are involved in a crash or collision. If the glass does not provide adequate support, the roof of the car or the SUV might collapse, leading to serious injuries to occupants or even death.

If you are in search of highly trained technicians to carry out car windshield repair and windscreen replacement, you should reach out to Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX. Our company also provides mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement in Travis County and Hays County, TX. This is for those car owners who are pressed for time to visit an auto glass shop.

Mother Nature

windshield can sustain various types of chips and cracks due to a number of external elements. No matter where you live, you will always have at least some elements of mother nature to deal with. Even when you take preventive measures, your windshield may still sustain harm or damage.

UV Rays: Cracks can appear on your windshield even when no flying or falling object hits it. One of the most common external elements that cause harm to automotive glasses is UV rays. When exposed to these harmful rays, your windshield develops what is called “stress cracks” over time.

Extreme Temperature: If you live in a city or area where there are extreme changes in the temperature, you should keep an eye out. Sudden fluctuations in temperature can have a harmful effect on the windshields of cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. Though automotive glasses are designed to endure harsh conditions, the glasses can not resist the changes forever. Extreme hot and cold weather conditions will damage the auto glasses and shorten their longevity as well.

Trees: Many times, windshields are damaged by falling or blowing tree branches. This kind of auto glass damage is one of the most common, as you might have noticed yourself. It could happen due to fast-blowing winds or when a branch breaks away suddenly and falls down on the windscreen.

How to Prevent: You can take some necessary steps to prevent such damage to the windshield glass and other window glasses of your vehicle. First, you should avoid parking your car or SUV in direct sunlight. If you live in an area with harsh climatic conditions, you should never leave your vehicle outside. Make sure you park it inside and put a cover over it. Most of all, you should not park your vehicle near or under a tree, even if the weather is not windy.

Talk to a Windshield Repair Specialist

Automotive glass damage can occur anywhere, anytime. Hopefully, becoming aware of the common causes of automotive glass damage will help you prevent damage to your windshield. At the same time, you should never ignore any kind of problem with your auto glass. If you spot a crack, chip, or blemish on the windscreen, you should reach out to an expert technician without wasting time. For those who reside in the Greater Austin Area, TX, Magic Glass Repair is a perfect place to get all kinds of window crack repair, windshield repair, auto window replacement, and back windshield replacement performed by highly trained and skilled technicians. We also provide mobile auto glass services in Travis County and Hays County.

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