Are you going to get a windshield replacement? Here are some tips to take proper care of the new installation.

The windshield is a crucial safety component in a car. The unique, scientific design of these auto glasses offers protection to the occupants as well as supports the structural integrity of the vehicle. That is the reason why driving with a broken windshield can be extremely dangerous. If the windscreen of your car or SUV gets a chip or a crack, you should immediately take it to an auto glass shop or reach out to a mobile service for an accurate replacement. You need to get the replacement done quickly while ensuring it is performed by skilled professionals.

What is even more important is to take good care of the newly replaced windshield so that it does not sustain further damage. Frequent replacements will burn a hole in your pocket. If the technician did not tell you about post-replacement care of the windshield, let us help you with some useful tips.

Avoid Driving the Car Immediately After

After the new windshield has been installed, you should keep the vehicle off the road for a couple of hours. The adhesive used during the installation requires some time to settle and dry properly. Although you may feel the temptation to start driving immediately to show off the new, shining windscreen, doing so is a complete no-no. In most cases, the adhesive used is urethane, which needs a curing time of at least 24 hours. For how many hours you should not drive the vehicle depends on certain factors such as the level of humidity, temperature and other environmental conditions. If the adhesive used is of average quality, it will take much more time to dry completely. Talk to the technician to know more about curing time.

If you get back on the road before adhesive has fully dried, you can face different types of issues with your windshield. Gaps between the auto glass and the frame will lead to further damages in the future.

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Don’t Wash the Car

After an auto glass replacement, you should avoid giving your vehicle a wash. Usually, washing of cars, SUVs and vans is carried out with the help of high-pressure jets and motor pumps. So, washing the car will have a bad impact on the sealant or the adhesive and windshield issues will follow.

Whether it is the cleaning techniques or the cleaning detergent, all of these will destroy the strength of the adhesive. This will lead to a poorly installed windshield. If the car windshield replacement is not proper, the auto glass will not be effectively affixed and problems will arise again. Worse still, you may put your and the occupants’ lives at risk in the event of a collision or crash. So, you are advised to stay away from washing your vehicle for at least 24 hours, after the new windshield has been installed. If you have a real need for a wash, you should try to wash the vehicle at home using mild detergent or cleaning solutions. Many auto glass repair shops will tell you to avoid washing the car for a minimum of three days.

Drive the Car with Care

Long drive after a windscreen replacement must be avoided. If you need to drive the car from the repair shop to home, you should drive carefully. While the adhesive has not dried properly, you should not drive in a way which puts pressure on the windshield or the windscreen. For example, you should not drive on rough terrain, as it would affect the quality of the installation.

Just remember that no jarring or shaking happens to your car while driving immediately after the car glass replacement.

Close the Doors Gently

When it comes to caring for a newly installed windshield, you should close the doors of the car in a gentle manner.

Many car owners make the mistake of being hard on the door. It must be reiterated that the adhesive or the sealant takes a few hours to properly dry. You should never slam the door while the windshield still needs time to get affixed. In fact, you should avoid closing the door with a bang for at least 2-3 days after the car glass is replaced. If you have a flat tire, do not try to fix it yourself. Instead, call in an experienced professional to get it fixed in a proper manner. The technician will carry out the job in a way which does not do harm to the new installation.

Leave the Windshield Tape On

After the technician has replaced the windshield, you will find a retention tape on the new windscreen. The tape is there to serve a specific purpose. It keeps the auto glass secured while it is still curing.

The windshield doesn’t look attractive with the tape on. That is why many car owners want to remove it as quickly as possible. Resists the temptation to get rid of the retention tape just to make the car window glass look appealing. The tape prevents tiny particles of dust or debris from getting stuck to the sealant, as it can compromise the quality of the windshield replacement. You should take the tape off at least 24-48 hours after the new installation has been completed. It is important to keep in mind that a new car auto glass installation is an elaborate job. You should avoid making small mistakes that can throw water on all the hard work.

Keep the Car Windows Open

If the windshield of your vehicle was replaced recently, you should leave the vehicle’s windows open while it is parked outside.

If you reside in a hot-temperature geographical area, you should take proper care to maintain the integrity of the newly installed car glass. Due to high temperature, air pressure can build up inside the vehicle. As a result of this pressure, the new windshield might pop out or gaps and cracks might develop. Particularly, if you have parked the car outside, you should ensure that the windows are open. If the pressure is equalized, the integrity of the glass will remain intact.

Keep the Dashboard Clutter-Free

Maintaining a neat and clean dashboard is a good habit. But it becomes even more important in the first few days of the windshield replacement. In the event of a cluttered dashboard, the new auto glass might pop out or move from its place. If you don’t want to put the car glass outside, you should see to it that the dashboard of your vehicle stays clean for 2-3 days post-replacement.

Avoid the Harsh Sun

Avoid driving or leaving the car parked in the scorching sun. This will have a bad effect on the quality of the auto glass.

Due to the excessive heat of the harsh sun, the new windscreen can lose its original strength. The longevity of the auto glass will be affected as a result. That is why most auto glass technicians will tell you to not leave your car in the scorching sun. The best idea is to park the vehicle in the shade.

Depending on the make and model of your car or SUV, getting a new windshield can be expensive. Therefore, you should follow all these tips in order to provide the adhesive or the sealant enough time for curing. Just some patience and a little bit of caution will help the adhesive dry properly, and the new windshield will get affixed accurately to provide you the protection you need.

Signs of an Incorrectly or Poorly Installed Windshield

Taking precautions is one thing, an incorrect installation another. If the windshield of your car was not replaced by an experienced professional, you will likely face issues with the installation. After a new auto glass replacement, you should watch out for any signs of an incorrect installation.

Key signs of a poor car glass installation include:

  • Visible leaks or gaps along the edges
  • Blurred vision out of the car’s windshield
  • Old adhesive not properly removed
  • Rattling sound originating from the windshield
  • Water on the dashboard without a spill

If your new windshield shows any of these, you should immediately head over to the auto glass repair shop. Ignoring the signs of a poor car glass installation can lead to serious consequences.

Talk to a Windshield Installation Specialist

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