Opting for sunroof installation has become a popular trend among vehicle owners. If your car has a sunroof, you must be aware of the benefits that this special component has to offer. While a car sunroof will provide you great relief on a summer day, it also requires proper maintenance. If you plan to have a wonderful driving experience and feel nice during summertime, you should not forget to give proper care and attention to the sunroof of your car or SUV. The best part is that it does not take a great deal of effort to maintain the sunroof. With basic care on a regular basis, you can keep your sunroof in excellent condition.

At Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX, we receive a lot of questions in regard to auto glasses and their maintenance. If you want expert help and tips on how to give proper maintenance to your sunroof, read on.

Benefits of Having a Sunroof in a Car or SUV

Auto manufacturers want to add more new features that appeal to all age groups of buyers. A sunroof is an attractive feature in a car. However, it is a lot more than just being an exquisite feature or component. A sunroof offers many advantages to the driver and passengers in a car.

The sunroof has a special design. Unlike regular glass, the sunroof auto glass allows a much greater quantity of natural light to come inside. The sunroof also allows more fresh air to enter the vehicle. As a result of this, the interiors of the car remain cool during summertime and the inner temperature stays at an optimal level, providing a lot of relief and comfort to the occupants of the car or SUV. Today, all modern and luxury cars come along with sunroofs. The reason behind sunroof becoming a major trend is that this feature is enjoyable by people of all age groups including kids, adults and the elederly. That is exactly why the demand for sunroof in a car has been constantly on the rise. Manufacturers too are paying attention and designing sunroofs that are both safe and enjoyable by vehicle owners.

If your car or SUV does not have a sunroof, get in touch with one of our experts at the Magic Glass Repair in the Greater Austin area. After analysis, our professionals will create a small structural reinforcement in the roof of your vehicle and then install a sunroof for your comfort and joy.

Sunroof Maintenance Tips

Just like windshields and other auto glasses, the sunroof in a car also requires regular care and maintenance. Taking good care of the sunroof will ensure you do not have any kind of issues when using it. Although sunroofs come in multiple shapes and sizes, all of them need proper and regular upkeep.

Clean the Sunroof

Due to the location and design of the sunroof, dust and debris can easily get trapped inside it. If the component collects a lot of debris and dust particles in and around, its function will be affected.

Usually, car owners clean the auto glass of the sunroof and leave the other parts. It is crucial to clean every bit of the sunroof including the areas in and around it. A thorough clean will ensure your sunroof stays clean at all times and functions in a highly efficient manner. If too much debris clogs the drainage tube, this can lead to leakage issues in the sunroof. When cleaning the sunroof, start with the auto glass. Wipe down the glass in a proper manner, so that all the dust and debris are cleared. Next, you should open the sunroof and clean the gasket and the seal. Use a damp cloth to properly widen down these parts of the roof. In this way, you will have all the dust and debris removed and the chances of leakage eliminated as well.

If you find debris or stones stuck in between any ridges or folds, you must clear and discard them. It is a good idea to use a toothbrush to get rid of the small particles so as to avoid leakage issues later. If a stone or rock gets stuck in between the ridges, it can break the sunroof glass. The broken auto glass will need repair or replacement, as per the extent of the damage.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Do not use just any cleaning product or solution that you can find to clean the sunroof of your car or SUV. In fact, you should always use a cleaning product that best suits your needs. If you use wrong or harsh cleaning solution, it can damage the quality of the rubber seal in the sunroof.

For example, using products such as ammonia and vinegar can prove to be harmful in the closed up environments of a car or SUV. Not only that, these products can also lead to faster wear and tear of the rubber seal. Likewise, you should avoid using any cleaning product that has petroleum in it. Petroleum-based products can damage parts such as the rubber gasket. If the rubber gasket and the glass get stuck together, you will rip the gasket while opening the sunroof.

According to experts, the best recommendation is to use warm tap water or Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) for sunroof cleaning. For more information, reach out to one of our experts at the Magic Glass Repair in Austin.

Check for Rust around the Hinges

If the sunroof installed in your car operates manually, you should examine the mounting hardware for any kind of rust or wear and tear. Due to exposure to external elements, the areas around the hinges or clips can attract a lot of dust and debris over time. It can also get rusted due to moisture. Proper maintenance will keep the hardware free from rust and any kind of damage.

While cleaning the sunroof, you should not miss out the mounting hardware and clean it up in a proper manner.

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Deep-Clean the Sunroof

Giving your sunroof a quick wash on a regular basis will keep it in functioning condition. But, you also need to deep-clean the sunroof and its components from time to time to prolong its lifespan and functionality.

When it comes to deep-cleaning the sunroof, you need to pay close attention to the auto glass, the rubber gasket, seal and all the ridges and folds. First, you need to properly vacuum the sunroof in order to remove all the debris and dust particles trapped in and around its edges. Once all the dust and debris have been cleared, it is time to thoroughly wash the sunroof. Wipe down and wash the visible areas of the sunroof with an automotive cleaner. Do not use those cleaners or solutions that can damage or dry out the rubber gasket. Always use cleaning products that are safe for the passengers in the vehicle. Use small brushes to clean areas that are hard to reach. Thorough cleaning and washing will remove any debris or dust particles in any part of the sunroof and make all the components neat and clean.

Examine If the Drain Tubes are Clogged

The main purpose of drain tubes is to prevent leakage of water inside the car. If the drain tubes are clear, the water will be drained down into the ground. Problems happen with clogged drain tubes though.

One surefire way to keep the drain tubes clear is by carrying out the cleanup of the sunroof on a regular basis. The dust and debri that gather around the sunroof can travel down and clog the drain tubes. During sunroof cleaning, you should examine whether the drain tubes are clogged or not. Pass a thin wire down the drain tubes to see if there is any clogging. Remove the clogging with the help of the wire or use a compressed air can to get rid of the blockage. If this is something that you cannot handle on your own, take your car or SUV to a windshield repair and replacement shop or call in experts from a mobile auto glass repair company.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

The moving hardware of a sunroof needs lubrication in order to function in a highly efficient manner. But what is important is to use the right kind of grease so as to ensure smooth and hassle-free functioning.

Traditional mineral grease is not suitable for lubrication of the parts in a sunroof. You will need to use heat-resistant grease for this purpose. This grease is made for excessive or ultra-high temperatures. White lithium is a good example of heat-resistant grease. Use this grease to properly lubricate all hardware of the sunroof. Make sure the tracks and gears are appropriately greased.

Test for Leakage

Leakage inside a car is a problem that needs immediate addressal. When it comes to the maintenance of the sunroof, an important part of the process is to check the vehicle for any kind of leakage.

First, you should shut the sunroof. Then, pour some water over the sunroof and see if there are any leakage issues. The best way is to have someone inside the vehicle to see if water leaks inside. Looking closely will also help you find out the actual problem that is causing the leakage. Water can leak inside the car due to cracks in and around the sunroof or due to mold. Usually, these problems can be fixed using DIY techniques. If the problem does not go away, you should reach out to an experienced technician for the repair or solution of the leakage problem.

Listen Closely for Any Strange Sounds

Don’t forget to check your sunroof for any kind of strange sounds while you open and shut it. If you hear any noise, this means the sunroof and its manually operated areas need a thorough cleanup.

Scraping noise when opening and closing the sunroof means you need to clean it in a proper manner. The sound comes from dust and debris trapped into the hardware of the sunroof. If the problem goes away after cleaning, it is fine. Otherwise, you may need to get it checked by a professional. A popping sound often means that the sunroof auto glass is going to shatter. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help before the problem gets any worse.

Get Necessary Repairs Done

Issues with the sunroof should always be taken seriously. If you have a leakage issue or the sunroof gives strange noise, take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop or call in a mobile windshield repair technician.

Delaying the repair work of a sunroof can worsen the problem even more. If the sunroof has leakage issues, it can take a toll on the interiors of your car. Moisture buildup and mold can damage the interiors of your vehicle. In order to avoid all these problems and costly repairs, take swift action. Auto glass repair and replacement companies offer the correct solution to the problem. One highly reputed windshield repair company is Magic Glass Repair in the Greater Austin area. Our professionals will analyze the problem and then recommend the best solution.

Looking for a Reliable Auto Glass Company?

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