A car or SUV has different types of automotive glasses, which are different from those you have around your home. The windshield glass is specially designed to serve some crucial purposes. The main role of this auto glass is to provide the driver with uninterrupted road visibility and keep the occupants of the vehicle safe in the event of a collision or crash. That is why you should never ignore any kind of blemish on the windshield of your car.

The Windshield Repair Process

As soon as you notice a chip, crack or dings on the auto glass, you should get it repaired by experienced technicians. Depending on whether it is laminated or tempered, the repair process of each type of auto glass is different. Here is a run-through of all the steps involved in the repair of a broken windshield.

1- Assessment of Damage

Before the repair process can start, auto glass technicians need to determine the extent of the damage to the windshield. Auto glass can break in various ways, and each of the damages requires a specific solution.

The windshield can get a crack or a chip. Not all cracks can be repaired though. If the crack is too long or large, it will need to be replaced with new auto glass. It is for the technicians to find out whether your broken windshield can be fixed by repairing or it needs a complete replacement. Key factors that will ascertain what type of solution will be best include the size of the crack, depth of the crack, and the location of the crack. At the Magic Glass Repair in Austin, we follow a repair-first policy and suggest a replacement only when the repair will not fix the damage.

2- Repair Preparation

Once the technician has determined that the damaged windshield can be fixed through a repair job, they will go ahead and prepare the affected area so that the next steps of the process can be followed.

Before doing anything else, the windshield glass needs to be cleaned in a proper manner. The technician will also cover the hood of the car to avoid any kind of damage. It is important for the glass technician to follow this essential step appropriately. Make sure you get your windshield fixed by a professional technician or through a mobile auto glass repair service.

3- Broken Windshield Cleaning

Now, the technician will attend to the affected area on the windshield. Whether it is a chip or crack, the area needs to be skillfully cleaned for a successful fix. For this, the auto glass technician will employ vacuuming to suck up air from inside the damaged area of the windshield. If the repair is done without vacuuming the air, the quality of the job will not be satisfactory. In fact, a poor-quality repair will result in visibility defects even after the problem has been fixed.

car windshield crack repair

4- Glass Resin Application

The application of the glass resin in the affected area is a crucial part of the entire repair process. To complete this step correctly, the technicians must have experience, skills and a great eye for detail.

The injection of glass resin is done with a specific set of tools. The technician moves the applicator along the windshield using a lubricant, so that the resin can be put into the crack on the windshield. To ensure resin reaches into the crack properly, the technician stretches the glass a little. The resin must reach every part of the crack or ship in the auto glass. A plunger is also used to complete this and force the resin to perfectly fill every tiny part of the crack.

5- Resin Solidification

Once the resin has been properly applied, it needs time to solidify. In technical terms, this is called resin curing. The technician uses UV light to cure the injected resin. After the glass resin has healed, you can say that the damaged area has been repaired. But there is one more step left.

6- Removal of Excess Resin

The glass resin has been applied and cured. After this, the job of the technician is not over. The repair needs finishing touches.

The finishing touches are, however, extremely important. Though many vehicle owners would think that this is an additional step, it is actually a crucial step of the windshield repair process. The repair specialist needs to remove the surplus resin from the affected area and then polish the area for a smooth finish. The finer the finish, the finer the repair will be and visibility will be restored.

So, the windshield repair job has been completed. The technician will finally remove any glass debris that may be lying here and there and clean the glass. Now, you are ready to hit the road with your vehicle.

What Type of Results You Should Expect

Repairing a broken windshield is done with great precision. In fact, skilled technicians complete the job in a way that you or anyone else will hardly notice that the windshield has sustained damage.

When it comes to fixing a damaged windshield, you should always seek the help of highly skilled auto glass technicians or head to a glass repair shop which is known to provide high quality services. If the job is done right, you will forget in a couple of days that your car’s windshield was damaged.

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Looking for Top Quality Windshield Repair Services?

While you may find multiple automotive glass repair shops in or near your place, you should always rely on only the best.

At Magic Glass Repair, we specialize in the repair as well as replacement of broken windshield and other auto glasses. Having operations in the Greater Austin area, TX, we regularly serve a wide range of clients who need fixing for the broken windshields of their cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc. Our mobile windshield repair service means you don’t have to drive to the shop. Instead, you just let us know that you need the service and our technicians will arrive at your home or office or any other location where your car may be parked. All our technicians are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in the repair of a range of car window glasses.

You can give us a phone call or send us an email to schedule the repair of your broken or cracked windshield.