It is crucial to get auto glass damage repaired fast. What is even more important is to hire a highly experienced technician to do the job. Whether it is an auto glass repair or auto windshield replacement, the task requires a great deal of experience and skills. If you get an automotive glass repair performed by an amateur or a fly-by-night car glass repair company, you should be ready to face different kinds of issues afterwards. A low quality repair or car glass replacement can put your as well as the lives of other occupants of the vehicle in danger. That is why it is extremely important to get in touch with a highly trusted company to get a chip or crack in your windshield or back glass fixed in a proper and accurate manner.

If there were issues with the auto glass repair, those issues must be addressed as fast as possible. If the problems are not fixed immediately, they can get worse and expose you to safety hazards. For the residents of the Greater Austin area, Magic Glass Repair is an ideal destination for professional auto window repair and auto window replacement so that no issues arise later.

Common Auto Glass Repair Issues

If the windshield repair procedure is not followed in a proper manner, there are high chances that issues will arise later. The purpose of repair is to restore the structural integrity of a car or SUV. In the event of a poor quality glass repair, the previous strength of the frame does not return. This could put the lives of the driver and the passengers in grave danger on the road.

Issue #1: Scratches

Scratches on an auto glass are always bad. They do not just make the car glass look ugly, but they can also obstruct clarity of vision. If the auto window repair was not carried out in a proper manner, you might see scratches on the glass. If the scratches distract you while driving on the road, you should take them seriously and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Do not drive, if the scratches on the auto glass make it difficult for you to see with full clarity.

After the damage or the chip on your windshield has been repaired, take a closer look at the glass and see if you can find scratches. Presence of scratches means the auto technician did not perform a proper job and he made scratches due to improper or incorrect handling of the windshield.

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Now, the question that you would like to ask is whether or not scratches on the auto glass can be fixed. It depends on whether the scratches are minor or deep. If they are minor scratches, you may be able to solve the problem using some DIY methods. But it is important to get the right tools before you start working on the scratches on your own. If you plan to do it on your own, you may want to use a Glass Repair Kit, Microfiber Cloth or Cerium Oxide rubbing compound. Most minor scratches go away by using these DIY techniques. Just remember to abide by all the necessary instructions in a proper manner.

However, if the scratches are deep, it would be a big mistake to try to fix them on your own. In this case, you should seek the help of a glass repair specialist such as those from Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX. Our professionals will first conduct a review of the issue and then use the right set of tools as well as the most ideal method to get rid of the problem effectively.

Issue #2: Tiny Dust Particles

windshield crack repair

The windshield of a car or SUV keeps out a number of external elements. During an automotive glass repair, the very first thing a technician needs to do is clean up the car glass in a proper manner. Before repair begins, it is crucial to make sure that the car window glass does not have any dirt or dust particles on its surface. Not cleaning the windshield properly is one of the main reasons for a repair to fail. If dust particles are not cleaned, they will create an issue.

In fact, this will prevent the glass resin from curing effectively. If the resin is not cured exactly as it should, the quality of repair will be poor. As a result of this you might face issues with your auto glass repair later.


If the resin has dust particles inside it, the repair job will be very poor. To solve this issue, you will need to get in touch with a technician. In most cases, the glass repair specialist will undo the repair work and complete the entire task all over again to ensure a high quality repair.

If you have a question in this regard, feel free to talk to one of our auto glass repair experts at Magic Glass Repair. Based in the Greater Austin area, we specialize in auto glass installation and auto window repair.

Issue #3: Cold Weather Effects

During a broken auto glass repair, the technician needs to take the weather conditions into account. If the weather is cold, additional precautions should be taken in order to ensure a successful repair job.

Experienced technicians have sound knowledge of how different types of weather conditions can affect the quality of a car auto glass repair. Two issues are common with repairs done in low-temperature conditions. First is the effect of the low temperature on the curing time of the glass resin. Second is the presence of moisture that may get trapped inside the broken area. If any amount of moisture gets trapped, it will free and expand later, leading to a failed repair. Plus, the expansion can also worsen the car glass damage even more.

Before the repair begins, the glass repair specialist will closely examine the site of damage for any moisture trapped inside. If presence of moisture is noticed, the technician will first get rid of the moisture through evaporation and then proceed with the task for a highly effective repair.

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If moisture remains trapped inside the area of repair, you will likely face issues as you get back on the road. Blurred vision or impaired visibility will happen as a result of this repair mistake. So, you should get back to the technician and get the issues solved as fast as possible. Any delay in getting the issue fixed will make it worse, leading to a car windshield replacement.

Issue #4: Multiple or Complex Damages

All damages to a front windshield or a back car glass are not the same. A glass may have a small chip, a large crack or multiple small chips on it. One small chip can be easily repaired by an experienced technician. But if the windshield has sustained many small chips, repairing can be difficult. It is crucial to understand that a simple repair will not bring back the original structural strength, if the car glass is littered with many chips or if it has a large crack.

Therefore, you should be very careful with complex damages. Such damages will not go away with a usual car window repair.

There is no point in believing a simple repair will fix multiple damages. If you take the repair route, you will end up with a failed repair. This means you will not be safe while driving on the road or the highway. You will remain exposed to potential safety hazards and anything could happen.


Get the damages review by an expert car glass technician to determine as to whether a repair will suffice. If the technician says a simple repair will not be enough, you should go for a full windshield glass replacement. Always keep in mind that a repair that does not restore structural strength is totally meaningless and dangerous. You should never take such risks.

If your windshield has multiple chips or complex damages, schedule an appointment with one of our auto glass technicians at Magic Glass Repair for a thorough inspection. Our company also provides mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement if you are pressed for time.

Issue #5: Water Leaks

If your windshield was incorrectly installed or repaired, leakage issues may arise later. Leaking water can take a toll not just on the positioning of the automotive glass, but it will affect the interiors of the vehicle too.

After an auto glass installation or mobile window repair, the technician should and will perform a water leak test. This is done on a mandatory basis to ensure there are no gaps or cracks in the seal. If leakage is found, it is fixed immediately on the spot by the glass technician. Whether you are getting your broken car window repaired or replaced completely, you should remain aware that such issues may arise. That is exactly why you should hire only highly experienced and reliable technicians to fix different types of chips and cracks on your windshield.


If you have a water leak issue, you should reach out to a glass technician in or near your location. Taking the DIY route can prove to be disastrous, as you do not know the exact reason for water leaks. It is the job of a specialist to first assess the actual reasons and then fix the issues in a manner that the water leakage problem in the windshield goes away permanently.

Never Ignore a Chip in the Windshield!

There are several studies to prove that small chips can turn into large cracks over time. If the windshield of your car, SUV or truck has sustained a small chip, you should give it immediate attention. No matter how small it looks at first, the chip will gradually spread and turn into a large, irreparable crack.

A damaged windshield glass causes distraction for the driver. Not only that, it can also take away the original structural strength of the vehicle. So, the best advice is to get the chip fixed as fast as possible. There are many reliable car glass companies that provide car glass repair and car windshield replacement. If it is difficult for you to take your vehicle to an auto glass shop, you can also avail yourself of mobile glass service while saving yourself both time and money. An experienced technician will complete a glass repair job in 30 minutes or less.

If a car glass damage is too severe to repair, a replacement is the ideal solution. The cost of an auto glass installation may vary. For your free windshield replacement quote, reach out to us. Based in Austin, TX, Magic Glass Repair provides mobile car window repair and mobile windshield replacement in areas such as Travis County and Hays County at no additional charge.

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