Damage to a windshield may seem like a small concern. But actually, a chip or crack in the auto glass is a serious concern, which can compromise your safety on the road. If the windshield of your car, SUV or truck has broken, you should get it repaired as quickly as possible. While you may think of the windshield as just a piece of glass, it is specially designed to keep you and the other occupants of the vehicle safe in the event of a crash, collision or rollover.

Given below are some of the key reasons, which make it necessary to call for the repair of your windshield immediately.

  • 1. Chips can Turn into Cracks

    When a small piece of rock, stone, or debris comes flying on to the windshield, it can leave a chip on the auto glass. A small chip is many times difficult to notice, as it looks like a blemish. No matter what causes the chip to appear on the auto glass, it needs to be repaired without any delay.

    The problem with a chip is that it can quickly spread to other areas of the windshield and become a crack. This happens due to increased pressure on the auto glass, exerted while driving. While it is easy to repair a chip, it can be difficult to repair a crack. In most cases, windshield cracks are irreparable. This means you will need to opt for a windshield replacement. If you plan to avoid the high cost of auto glass replacement, you should never ignore a chip.

  • 2. Broken Auto Glass can Obstruct Your Vision

    Clarity of vision is paramount for safe driving on the road. A broken windshield can create visibility issues.

    If you drive with damaged auto glass, you will expose yourself and others to serious consequences. Obstructed vision leads to a large number of road accidents all across the Great Austin Area and other parts of the United States. So, repairs should be done fast. There is not enough light on highways and trails. If you drive on such roads with a broken windshield, you will remain vulnerable to accidents. Experts suggest you should never drive with a chip or crack in the auto glass. To get your auto glass repaired, schedule your consultation now.

  • 3. Chips Compromise the Vehicle Frame

    The windshield is designed using advanced technology. Though it improves the visual appeal of a car, its core function is to provide support to the frame of the vehicle. In the event of a chip, the structural integrity of the vehicle gets compromised. If you drive under such conditions, you might face serious consequences if the car crashes or collides with other vehicles.

    If you plan to have proper roof support during an accident, you should never try to delay the repairs of the broken windshield.

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  • 4. You can be Ticketed for the Damaged Windshield

    As a responsible vehicle operator, you should always keep a close watch on the quality and condition of your windshield.

    Different states have set out various regulations for windshield damages. If you have a chip or crack in the windscreen of your car, SUV or truck, you should avoid driving till the problem has been fixed. If the damage is located in the driver’s line of visibility, you could be ticketed for the same.

  • 5. Airbag Malfunction

    The main role of the windshield is to offer protection in the event of a crash. When your vehicle crashes, the windshield plays a key role in the deployment of airbags. If the deployment is not proper, your life will be at great risk. Many people die in car accidents simply due to airbags malfunction. The airbags need to inflate fast and properly in order to cushion the impact of a collision.

    If the windshield is broken or damaged, it will fail to provide adequate support to inflate the airbags in a proper manner. To avoid fatal injuries, you should get the auto glass repairs done immediately.

  • 6. Windshield Repairs are Fast

    Auto glass technicians will repair the damage in your windshield in a swift manner. The tools and technologies have evolved a lot over time to expedite the entire process of repairing broken auto glass.

    There are some basic steps that technicians follow to carry out the repairs. First of all, the technician properly cleans the area surrounding the chip or crack. This is done to make sure no glass particles or dirt remain stuck inside. Then, the professional injects a special resin into the chip. In a few minutes, the chip is filled up and the windshield restores its previous condition. A chip, which is repaired immediately, protects the auto glass from any further damage.

    If you are pressed for time to take the vehicle to an auto glass shop, you can avail yourself of a free mobile windshield repair or replacement service by the Magic Glass Repair in the Great Austin Area.

  • 7. Auto Glass Repairs are Cost-Effective

    The cost of windshield repairs depends on the type of vehicle you have and the auto glass service you hire. However, getting a broken windshield repaired is a lot more cost-effective than its replacement.

    The cost of getting an automobile windshield repair or replacement ranges between $20 and $350 in most states. The prices vary depending on whether the damage is chip or a crack or whether it is small or large. The cost of repair will also depend on whether the damage is in the front windshield or the rear windshield. It is only an experienced auto glass technician who will be able to quote an exact price after assessing the extent of auto glass damage in a proper manner.

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