Technological advancements are revolutionizing the automotive market. In order to enable car drivers to experience extra safety and protection, manufacturers are introducing new and latest technology features in vehicles. Though windshields and other auto glasses keep you safe on the road, they are not the only features that you need for enhanced safety. There is an urgent need to equip cars and SUVs with such advanced systems that keep drivers fully aware of what surrounds them on the road, alert them of the imminent danger, and help them make the right decisions in order to avoid accidents, crashes, and collisions. That is exactly what ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) do for drivers. But do you know about the different types of ADAS systems available for car owners?

In this article, we will discuss the various types of ADAS systems so that you are able to select the right technologies for increased safety. At Magic Glass Repair, we have an in-depth knowledge of all these applications and their use as well as specialize in expert ADAS calibrations for all vehicles.

What is ADAS?

Before we start discussing and delving deep into various types of ADAS systems, let us first tell you what an ADAS is.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are made up of a wide range of innovative digital technologies. The purpose of these technologies is to help drivers with navigation and parking. However, these systems do not completely automate the entire process. So, it does not aim to eliminate the role of the driver. These systems use computer networks in order to make driving on the road more data-driven and safer. The ADAS system takes car safety to the next level.

While driving on the road, the driver has to face a wide range of safety hazards and possible threats in order to keep himself or herself as well as those seated in the car or SUV safe and protected. What ADAS systems do best is that they enhance the driver’s potential in a significant manner.

Different Types of ADAS Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can either be active or passive. These latest systems are aimed at eliminating human mistakes so that car accidents, collisions, and crashes can be reduced. If you want to reduce response times and enhance driver performance, you will definitely need to install these safety mechanisms in your cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans etc. Let us take a look at the different types of ADAS systems and their applications in automobiles.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Abbreviated as ACC, Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the most highly effective safety mechanisms. This application of ADAS is mostly used for safe driving on highways. Drivers face greater challenges on highways than normal roads. While on the highways, it is extremely important for the driver to remain highly vigilant at all times and monitor the speed of their vehicle as well as those vehicles that surround it. In such highly challenging driving environments, adaptive cruise control plays a crucial role by increasing the driver’s capability to control the vehicle. In particular, this ADAS system helps the driver by automating acceleration and deceleration as well as halting of the vehicle as per specific needs.

Speed awareness is quite essential for effective driving on highways. For car drivers who look for a technology to select the right speed, installation of the adaptive cruise control technology is ideal. Using this ADAS technology, choosing speed and halting the car becomes automated. After a halt, the vehicle can accelerate back up again and pick up the speed of the traffic.

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Automatic Parking

Parking assistance is a prominent application offered by ADAS systems. Using this advanced technology, car drivers get an edge over blind areas and find it quite easy to park their vehicles in a proper manner.

This ADAS system first gathers data from various sensors and then merges all the data together in order to provide the driver with an enhanced view of the surroundings for easy and automated parking. Usually, the side mirrors are provided to help the driver with parking. But they have limited capability to do this. However, the ADAS automatic parking technology is so advanced and effective that it can finish parking on its own. This provides the driver with the safest parking experience. One area where the automatic parking technology is utilized is self-service valet parking. The technology is so advanced that it keeps on guiding the system with accurate information until the car or the SUV is parked in the correct way.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind-spot monitoring is one of the finest types of ADAS systems. Using this technology, the safety system gives a warning signal to the driver when there is an obstruction in the blind zone that the driver can’t see.

If the driver tries to get into an occupied lane, the blind spot detection technology proves to be of great assistance. As soon as the ADAS system detects a hurdle in the driver’s blind spot, it will alert the driver. That is exactly why this specific technology reduces car accidents to a great extent. You must be aware that the majority of all lane change accidents occur because the driver was not aware of the possible danger in the new lane. By producing a warning signal for instructions, the technology helps the driver switch to a new lane in a safe way. The ADAS sensors thus provide crucial data that was unthinkable and inaccessible before.

The warning signal generated by the blind spot detection system can be either in visual, audio, or audio-visual format.

Navigation System

One of the most useful applications of the ADAS sensor technology is the navigation system. The system provides both on-screen instructions and audible cues to help drivers navigate in a safe and effective manner. Not just that, the navigation technology also retains the driver’s attention.

These ADAS navigation systems provide specific information including traffic situations on different routes and alternative routes to avoid routes with heavy traffic. The system also comes along with heads-up displays (HuD), which prevent the attention of the driver from being diverted. Apart from these, the navigation system also has excellent night vision capabilities to help drivers to see objects in the darkness of the night. Broadly speaking, these night vision sensors can be divided into active night vision systems and passive night vision systems. When both these night vision systems are installed in your car or SUV, you will be able to identify and see objects that can’t be seen otherwise during nighttime.

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Autonomous Emergency Braking

Emergency braking is proving to be a big boon for car drivers. Using various types of cameras, radars, and sensors, the autonomous braking system detects all kinds of obstructions that can be possible threats to a vehicle. The technology does not just detect moving vehicles, but it also detects stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians, and even cyclists. If a collision situation is about to arise and the system detects inaction, it will apply the emergency braking. The autonomous emergency braking system can be divided into three categories including AEB inter-urban, AEB pedestrian, and AEB urban.

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Following Distance Warning

When driving on roads and highways, it is crucial for the driver to closely monitor the speed and distance of the car, SUV, or truck in the front. That is exactly what the following distance warning (FCW) does for drivers.

The FCW system is a combination of various advanced technologies such as lasers, infrared, ultrasonic, radar, and visual imaging in order to gather data about the distance and speed of the vehicles in front of a car or SUV. The camera mounted between the car windshield glass and the rearview mirror also plays a key role in detecting cars and SUVs in front. If there is a possible danger of forward collision with another vehicle, the FCW system will immediately alert and give warnings to the driver so that the collision can be avoided. The FCW system performs this advanced function by calculating the distance between your vehicle and an imminent obstruction that is closing fast and giving visual and audible alerts.

Adaptive Headlights

The Adaptive light control technology is a revolutionizing step in the field of automobile and driving safety. Adaptive headlights refer to headlights that can adapt based on certain parameters on conditions.

Adaptive headlights are designed to be very sensitive and respond accurately to the change in a car’s speed and the steering wheel rotation. On the basis of these changes, the headlights adapt themselves and follow the route of the road and improve night vision for the driver. The night vision lighting technology does not light the road, but it lights the roadside instead. The headlights work in this way because of their connections with the projectors placed in the headlight housing. One of the best features of this lighting technology is that it is directed in a downward direction in order to decrease the glare for approaching cars and SUVs.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The TPMS or the tire pressure monitoring system helps car owners maintain the right pressure in the tires. The driver already has the manufacturer’s recommendations that should be followed. However, it is quite hectic to measure the pressure manually every time you suspect the pressure is low. However, the pressure monitoring system automatically measures tire pressure. The system does this with the help of sensor technology fitted in the wheel valve. TPMS can be broadly categorized into two types: Direct System and Indirect System.

Every time the tire pressure is checked and adjusted, the pressure monitoring system will need to be reset. The purpose of the technology is to reduce the number of accidents that occur due to poor tire pressure.

Driver Drowsiness Detection

While driving on the road, it is extremely important for the driver to do his or her job with full attention and concentration. If the concentration of the driver drops, it can lead to dangerous consequences.

Drowsiness remains a common concern in driving. The driver should not be tired or feel drowsy. If the driver diminishes his focus, anything can happen. To prevent such mishaps, the ADAS system has introduced a highly useful application known as driver drowsiness detection. Advanced driver assistance technology uses a range of methods to identify the sleepiness of the driver. One way that the technology uses is to monitor the head movement of the driver to detect whether the driver is feeling sleepy or drowsy. The sensors effectively keep tracking the movement and send warning signals as soon as drowsiness is detected.

Car owners have given raving reviews about various ADAS features. These advanced technologies have transformed the driving experience and taken the safety of vehicles to a much higher level. Today, you will find these ADAS systems and technologies installed in most modern cars, SUVs, and RVs.

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