The windows of a car or SUV are fitted with different types of glasses. Each of these auto glasses has some unique characteristics. Whether it is the window glasses in the front or the back of the vehicle, the main purpose of these components is to keep the occupants safe on the road. All these window glasses are made with a special and advanced technology. Manufacturers always strive to make the automotive glasses safer and stronger. Environment-friendly materials are used to manufacture the various auto glasses of a car, SUV or truck.

Broadly speaking, all car window glasses fall into two categories, namely laminated glass and tempered glass.

In this article, we will discuss the features and purposes of each auto glass that a car has and why it is crucial to keep these components in a good condition. If any of these glasses sustain a damage, you should immediately reach out to a windshield repair and auto glass replacement service. If you live in Greater Austin, TX, Magic Glass Repair is just a phone call away.

Roles and features of different window glasses in a car

Front Window Glass

The front window glass or the windshield is one of the main glasses fitted into the front of a car, SUV or minivan. This product is manufactured using a special technology called lamination. The laminated glass comes along with excellent features for the safety of drivers and passengers.

Made from laminated glass, the front window glass has three layers including two layers of glass and one layer of PVB in the middle. The formation is like a sandwich. It is the middle vinyl layer of plastic that lends strength to the window. Unlike standard glass, this window glass is designed not to shatter on high impact in the event of a road accident, crash or collision. This means the auto glass will not break into countless small pieces of glass when it breaks. This is an important characteristic to ensure the safety of the people seated inside the vehicle.

The front window glass does many things at the same time. First, it gives the driver of the car a clear view of the road. Second, it protects everyone inside the vehicle from a wide range of external elements including small stones, dust, debris, harsh weather etc. Third, it protects car passengers from getting serious injuries if the vehicle happens to collide or crash on the road.

One of the most significant roles of the front window glass is to lend support to the vehicular frame. This structural strength prevents the roof of the car or SUV from caving in during an accident or rollover.

Whether you get a windshield crack repair or a car window replacement, you should always make sure the job is performed with the highest degree of precision. If the quality of repair is poor or the windscreen replacement is not accurate, it can become a potential safety hazard. Weaker window glasses can lead to grave injuries or even death during a road accident. That is why it is extremely important to rely only on expertly trained auto glass technicians such as those from Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX. The company offers mobile auto glass repair, truck windshield replacement and glass repair at no extra cost.

The front window glass also safeguards passengers from harmful UV rays of the sun and helps maintain inside temperature.

Rear Window Glass

Rear window glasses are installed at the back of a car or SUV. This glass is known by different names such as back window glass, back windshield, rear windscreen and back automotive glass. The rear window glass is a type of safety glass and so it provides safety from the back side of the vehicle.

The back windshield is made from a special type of glass known as tempered glass. Through a process of tempering, the glass is first heated and then cooled for creating tension in the middle and strength as a result. That is why this window glass has some unique features. Under high impact, the glass breaks into small blunt pieces, instead of sharp-edge pieces of glass. Blunt glass pieces do not cause fatal glass injuries during a road accident or crash. If you look closely, you will also see some straight lines along the glass. These lines are actually defrosters that carry electricity and help ice on the glass melt during snowfall. This special technology defogs the rear window glass and prevents ice from freezing on it.

Just like the front windshield, the rear windshield also provides strength to the roof of the car or SUV, so that the roof does not collapse during a rollover. Therefore, this auto glass also requires proper care and attention on a regular basis. If you spot an issue in the glass, get it fixed without any delay.

There are multiple reasons for back glass damage. If the auto glass has a chip or crack, it can be repaired. In case the damage is large and irreparable, the technician will need to remove the broken window glass and replace it with a new windscreen in order to restore structural strength of the vehicle and your safety on the road. If you are not sure whether your cracked rear windshield needs a repair or new installation, feel free to talk to one of our expert technicians.

Front Vent Windows

Different window glasses of a car or SUV are of different sizes. The vent windows are small as well as triangular in shape. These auto glasses are fitted to both sides of the vehicle. Generally, these windows come installed beside the retractable windows of the vehicle. Irrespective of their small size, the front vent window glass provides a great deal of relief on hot and sunny days.

If you need fresh air, you do not need to open the side windows of the car. Opening the front vent windows does the much-needed ventilation. As a result of this, the inside of the car stays cool.

Before the invention of air-conditioning, the role of vent windows for ventilation was extremely significant. However, after vehicles started to have A/C, the use of these windows decreased. Today, we have modern cars with advanced air-conditioning technology for the comfort of passengers. That is why, the role of vent windows is not as important as it once was. Modern, air-conditioned cars and SUVs do not have front vent windows in their design anymore.

Side Door Windows

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Among other types of windows in a vehicle, the side door windows have a great deal of importance. These glasses are made from tempered glasses and so they are much stronger than ordinary glasses.

The glass in the side door windows are manufactured through a process of tempering. As a result of this, the auto glass is as much as 10 times stronger than standard glass. Properly installed and high quality side door window glasses provide structural strength to the vehicle. The design of the side door windows varies from one make or model of a car to another. However, all side door windows are fitted with tempered glass for safety and protection during an accident. Plus, these window glasses safeguard the driver and passengers from external elements. Due to the presence of these auto glasses, sun rays cannot enter the cabin.

Driving on the road at high speed produces a lot of sound. Side door windows ensure the sound is blocked. Most of all, these automotive glasses keep you safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

If you spot any kind of ding, chip or crack on the surface of the side door window glass, you should never ignore it. Letting the repair wait will compromise your safety on the road. Broken window glasses need immediate repair or complete replacement, if it is impossible to repair the damage. Magic Glass Repair is an ideal company for getting a window glass fix or new installation. Our mobile glass services are available in Travis County and Hays County at no extra cost.

Quarter Glass

The last piece of glass that you see on the side of a car is known as quarter glass. Just because it is small in size, you should not underestimate its potential. The role of this component is to help the drive have a clear view of the surrounding area. This glass is made from tempered glass.

Quarter glass is installed just after the rear window glass. Since it is made through a process of tempering, the glass shatters into small and round-shaped pieces in order to prevent fatal glass injuries. When the driver wants to move the car, he will look at the surroundings via the quarter glass. At all times, you should see to it that the quarter glasses of your vehicle are in good shape. In the event of a chip or crack, you should hire an experienced technician and get the damage repaired without any delay so that you can stay safe while driving.

If you are in need of a quarter glass repair or replacement, you should hire highly trained technicians from Magic Glass Repair in Hays County, Bastrop County, Travis County and Williamson County.

Auto Window Glass vs Ordinary Glass

By now, you must have understood how the different windows in a car or SUV are designed and how they function. Unlike ordinary glass, these auto glasses are made for the safety of the driver and passengers in a vehicle. This is exactly why they are also known as safety glasses.

Automotive glasses are much stronger than the normal glass people use in their daily lives. Whether it is laminated glass or tempered glass, each of these glasses function to keep occupants of a vehicle safe. It is the duty of a car owner to give the front window glass, side window glass, quarter glass and the back window glass proper care and attention on a regular basis. As long as these components are in good condition, you will have enhanced road safety. If any of these glasses sustains a minor chip or a large crack, it is time to head over to an auto glass company or hire mobile auto glass and mobile windshield replacement service.

In every state across the United States, you will find that there are some specific laws in regard to windshields of a car or SUV. In Texas, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield if the damage obstructs the vision of the driver. If you do not want to be issued a ticket and avoid road accidents and crashes, you should definitely abide by all the auto glass laws and regulations.

Getting a broken windshield repaired in Austin, TX is cheaper than getting a new installation. At Magic Glass Repair, we strictly abide by a “repair-first” policy. This means our technicians will take the replacement route only if a repair is impossible. The cost of replacing a damaged front windshield in the state starts from $169.55. If your auto glass has a chip or crack, you should reach out to one of our specialists for an inspection and a free quote. In any case, do not forget to avail yourself of our mobile glass repair service, provided at no extra cost.

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