There are many things that can do harm or cause damage to a windshield glass. Being a car or SUV owner, you should remain aware of all those external elements that may impact automotive glasses. In particular, you should understand the effect of weather conditions on windshield damage, auto glass repair and auto window installation. If you have sound knowledge on this, you will be in a better position to provide proper protection to your broken or newly repaired windshield glass. Some weather conditions are more problematic than others. Plus, there are ideal conditions in which auto glass replacements give the best results.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the impact of various types of weather conditions on chipped, cracked and newly repaired automotive glass. Keep on reading to equip yourself with some useful tips from experts.

Effect of Weather on the Environment

Weather doesn’t remain the same. As there is a change in weather, the environmental conditions change as well. Just like we take various steps to avoid the impact of changing weather conditions, we also give protection to other important and valuable things and objects in our daily lives.

When it comes to windshield protection, you should specifically take the weather conditions into account. Whether you have a chip or crack in the auto glass or you just got your windshield glass repaired or replaced, you should know that changing weather can impact the glass in many ways. Sudden and extreme fluctuations in the temperature levels can worsen a windshield crack and it can also take a toll on auto glass repair. Professionally trained technicians are quite well-versed with how weather conditions play a role in regard to windshield damage and repair. You can always seek the advice of auto windshield repair specialists on this topic and follow their instructions to keep your auto glasses safe.

If you have a question on the effects of weather on car window repair and replacement, reach out to one of our experts at Magic Glass Repair in Austin, Texas. Our company specializes in repairing a wide range of windshield glass damages as well as installation of new windshield glasses.

How Extreme Weather Affects Auto Glass Chips and Cracks

While you are on the road, your windshield glass may sustain chips or cracks due to various reasons. Even when your vehicle is parked, the auto glass in your car, SUV or truck may break or crack. Though you can take precautionary steps to avoid chips and cracks in your window glasses, damages can still happen because external elements are mostly out of your control.

If your windshield glass has broken, you should not just get it repaired or changed as fast as you can, but you should also see to it that the damage doesn’t worsen due to weather conditions. For example, extreme hot weather conditions can make a chip or crack even worse. If a damage gets worse, it can make repairs more difficult for the technician. Plus, worsening damages will further reduce visibility while driving on the road. Many times, car owners delay a car glass repair and this is the reason minor damages turn into major problems due to extreme weather conditions. If you plan to avoid this, you should schedule car windshield repair or auto glass replacement without wasting time after the damage.

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Just as extreme hot conditions make a minor auto glass damage worse, extreme cold weather also aggravates a chip or crack. If you don’t protect the damage, moisture can enter and get trapped inside. If the moisture is not removed by the technician, it can take a heavy toll on your auto glass. So, you should exercise caution and prevent the chips and cracks from worsening.

If you have a chip or crack in your car windshield glass, talk to an experienced glass technician and get it repaired or replaced fast. Magic Glass Repair in the Greater Austin Area in Texas, is an ideal destination where you can get your cracked auto glass fixed by professionals in a proper manner.

How Extreme Cold Affects Windshield Glass Replacement

When an auto glass damage is too big for repair, the technician will need to remove it and then install a new one altogether. Compared to a repair, an auto glass replacement is a complex task that should be carried out while paying attention to every detail in order to ensure it is done correctly.

For a car windshield replacement to be successful, the technician needs to follow all the steps with utmost precision. A crucial step in this procedure is curing the glass resin. In different kinds of weather conditions, the time taken to cure the resin varies. It is very important to give the resin adequate time to cure in a proper manner so that no issues with the new windshield arise in the future. During the cold conditions of the winter season, the auto glass technician takes more time to install and affix the new windshield glass in an accurate manner.

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Technicians use a UV lamp for curing the resin. In cooler conditions, the lamp may not be able to use as much power as it needs. Reduced power means that the amount of radiation will be less as well. As a result of this, the technician will need to give more time than normal for the resin to cure.

Usually, the resin requires more time to cure during the winter season. If the resin is not cured properly, it will affect the quality of the auto glass installation. That is why this must be taken into consideration.

The best practice for properly curing resin is to warm up the UV lamp a few minutes ahead of the normal time. If the UV lamp is already warm, the process of curing the resin can be expedited a little. This is a technique experienced technicians use to reduce the extended time. At Magic Glass Repair, our specialists are highly trained in the latest methods and techniques and execute the entire auto window replacement procedure in a precise manner. Our experts don’t just warm up the lamp prior to the beginning of the curing process, but they also preheat the windshield glass so that the resin remains warm. This is done because it is crucial to keep the temperature of the windshield glass steady during winters.

To find out more about the process or schedule an auto window replacement, reach out to Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX.

Getting the Trapped Moisture Out of the Windshield Cracks

It is worth repeating that your windshield damage needs proper protection, particularly from extreme weather conditions.

During the colder months of the winter season, it is common for snow and ice to get trapped inside chips or cracks in the broken windshield glass. Presence of moisture inside the damaged area will only worsen the chip or crack and create problems during the repair or replacement.

After moisture gets trapped inside a chip or crack, it can also freeze as the mercury dips to a lower level. Once frozen, it will expand and affect the damage by worsening its size and extent. You might spot more chips and cracks appearing on the auto glass as a result of the freezing of the moisture. That is why it is very important to keep the cracks in the glass properly covered. When you are at an auto glass shop or hire mobile auto glass repair service, the technician will first inspect the site of damage to check for any moisture trapped inside.

It is only after removing the trapped moisture that the technician will get started with the windshield repair or installation procedure.

When it comes to repairing a damage or installing a new windshield glass, you should always turn to highly experienced professionals. Newbies or amateurs may not be able to carry out proper inspection, which will in turn result in poor quality front auto windshield replacement or back glass replacement. If you reside in Bastrop County, Hays County, Williamson County or Travis County, you should head straight to Magic Glass Repair for an accurate job.

Three Types of Auto Glass Damages Due to Weather Conditions

We have already discussed how different weather conditions can cause damage to auto window glasses. Let us now take a quick look at three specific types of windshield damages due to bad weather.

Hail Damage

You should never drive in bad or harsh weather. However, sometimes you may find yourself caught up in a hailstorm while on the road. Hal damage is one of the reasons for major damage to windshield glasses. Since hailstones vary in size, they can cause minor or severe glass damage.

During a hailstorm, small pieces of ice will continue to strike against the windshield glass of a car, SUV or truck. The force of the hailstone depends on how stormy the weather actually is. Moreover, hailstones are not always small, but they can even be the size of golf balls. Big size hailstorms can completely smash the windscreen, which will make windshield replacement unavoidable. Even if the damage caused by hailstones is tiny, you should never delay repair.


Rain is not bad for the windshield, the back glass or the side auto glasses. Of course, rain will not damage an automotive glass like hail does. However, rain can do harm if your windshield glass already has a chip or crack in it. In this case, you should avoid driving in heavy rain at any cost.

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If you already have a broken auto glass, you should keep the chip or crack from getting wet in the rain. The problem is that the falling rain will get inside the chip or the crack and remain trapped there. When the temperature falls, the trapped moisture will freeze and put pressure on the glass. As a result of this, the chip or the crack will get bigger and spread further across the auto glass. That is why you should protect the site of damage from rainwater.

Temporary Solutions to Broken Car Windows

Temperature Changes

When it comes to the impact of weather, the changes in temperature levels should always be talked about and discussed. Whether you have a cracked auto glass or have just repaired your windshield, you should be careful about the effects of the changes in mercury levels. For example, if your windshield glass is covered with frozen ice, you should not crack up the defroster. If you do anything like this, it may cause damage to the auto glass or worsen an existing damage. In colder weather conditions, it is the property of glasses to contract.

Likewise, you should be careful when you suddenly turn the air-conditioner of your vehicle during the hot summer season. If the windshield is hot, doing so will only cause the glass to contract and crack.

Take Necessary Precautions to Protect the Windshield

Now that you have understood how various weather conditions can take a toll on the windshield glass, you should also follow key steps so that you can keep the auto glass protected.

  • During the hot summer months, you should avoid leaving the car or the SUV outside in direct sunlight.
  • Before you turn on the air conditioner, you should first give your windshield temperature some time to stabilize.
  • Avoid closing the vehicle doors with a bang as it puts pressure on the auto glass.
  • Don’t drive during harsh weather or if there are forecasts about the weather going bad.
  • If you have a broken auto glass, you should never take uneven or bumpy roads.
  • It is never advisable to drive during storms, as falling branches and stone will cause damage to the windshield.

Talk to a Windshield Repair Specialist

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