It is never advisable to drive a car or SUV with a broken window glass. Though the auto glass of your vehicle can sustain a variety of chips and cracks, it is extremely important to pay serious attention and get the damage repaired or the entire auto windshield replaced by an expert technician. Auto glass installation or car glass replacement is not something you can or should do on your own. For such a technical task, you should always rely on experienced professionals. When it comes to car window replacement, vehicle owners love to hate it. Love it or hate it, you simply can never ignore or delay the auto glass replacement of your vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss why you should get a glass crack repair or car windshield replacement done at the earliest and the importance of replacing a broken glass with a new one with utmost accuracy.

Getting an Auto Glass Replacement is Kind of a Big Deal!

A windshield glass replacement is kind of a big deal because of the crucial function that the windshield has to perform. The windshield is not just a piece of automotive glass, but it is an integral component of your vehicle’s overall safety. In fact, it performs a number of important functions.

The windshield is fitted into your car or SUV to enhance your protection while you are driving on the road. Keeping the external elements out is just the most basic function that the auto glass performs. The windshield actually contributes to the structural integrity of your vehicle in a significant manner. It prevents ejection of the occupants during an accident as well as facilitates the deployment of airbags. That is exactly why you should never take a window crack repair or windscreen replacement lightly. In fact, you should immediately reach out to an auto glass repair company in or near your city or state and get the problem fixed.

If you live in the Greater Austin area, TX, you can avail yourself of mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement at no extra cost. Our technicians will review the damage and perform a windshield fix or install a new auto glass in a proper manner, whichever is the most ideal solution.

Here are some of the key facts about windshields:

  • 70-80% of all windshield replacements are done incorrectly.
  • The windshield provides 40-70% structural strength to the vehicle’s roof.
  • 30-40% of car accidents deaths happen because of rollovers.
  • A chip or crack in the windshield can impede your vision.
  • Replacement is necessary when the damage is too deep wide.

Whether it is a small chip or a large crack, you should take every auto glass damage with a great deal of seriousness. From interfering with your vision while driving to leaving you vulnerable to fatal injuries during an accident, a broken auto glass is a potential safety hazard.

Many auto windshield replacements are performed in an incorrect manner. If the auto glass installation is improper, there will remain the risk of the glass popping out on impact. Poor quality installation can also result in the collapse of the vehicle’s roof, which may lead to grave injuries or even death. Whenever you have a broken automotive glass, back glass or rear window glass, you should always turn to highly experienced and trained professionals such as those from Magic Glass Repair in Hays County, Bastrop County, Williamson County and Travis County. Our service areas extend throughout Greater Austin, TX.

Modern-Day Windshield Replacement Requires Enormous Precision

One of the key reasons people love to hate car auto glass replacement is because the job requires the highest level of precision.

Today, installing a new windshield is not a simple task. It is not about just letting the glass resin dry. In fact, the technician needs to follow the entire mobile windshield replacement procedure in an accurate manner while focusing on each essential step. Right from removing the broken auto glass to putting in place the new auto glass, the technician should never miss out on any of the steps. Not paying attention to every detail can lead to a low quality installation.

When carrying out a windshield glass replacement, the technician also needs to take care of other components of a car’s safety system. For example, the ADAS camera needs recalibration during the replacement. If the position and the angle of the camera sensors near the windshield are not calibrated, the system will fail to collect and relay data in an accurate manner.

All of this emphasizes the importance of getting your broken auto glass replaced at a highly trusted auto glass shop or by a professional who carries a great deal of expertise in the job. At Magic Glass Repair, you will have access to some of the highly trained and experienced technicians, who have extensive experience in the review of glass damage and new windshield installation. Plus, our auto glass service has carved its own niche for always using premium quality materials and completing the entire auto glass installation with utmost precision.

Caring for a Newly Replaced Car Window Glass

After a new windshield has been installed, you will need to take proper care of the glass in order to protect your investment. A few hours after the replacement are extremely crucial. You should be careful enough not to do anything that could affect the quality of your newly installed windshield.

Do Not Drive Immediately

During a windshield glass replacement, the technician uses a special type of glass resin that requires enough time to get hard. The purpose of the adhesive is to hold the auto glass in its correct position and not let it move from its position. That is exactly why the adhesive needs to harden properly.

Therefore, you should never be in a hurry to get back on the road immediately after the car window glass replacement. You should give the adhesive at least one hour after installation, so that it becomes hard and strong. The technician will tell you how to care for your newly replaced auto glass. After the installation is complete, you should also take a closer look around the glass and inside the car to make sure there are no glass shards left from the replacement.

Keep the Area around the New Windshield Clear

You should be careful enough to not put anything against the windshield, as it will put pressure and affect the quality of installation. Most technicians will remind you to keep the dashboard area clear.

The first 24-48 hours are very crucial. During this period, you should remember to keep the dashboard area clutter-free. In fact, do not do anything that can put pressure on the newly installed auto glass. Do not try to cover the exterior of the vehicle or use a sunshade on the inner side of the windscreen. Take proper care, so that the glass seal gets enough time to dry.

Leave a Window Slightly Rolled Down

Not just objects, but air pressure can also take a toll and move the windshield from its correct position while the seal is drying.

For the first day post-replacement, you should try to leave a car window slightly open so that air pressure does not build inside. Just remember to keep an inch of opening so that air can move in and out without causing too much pressure inside the vehicle. As a result of air pressure, the newly installed car glass can develop leaks and ruin the quality of the installation.

Leave the Retention Tape in Place

In order to protect the seal from external elements till the seal has properly dried, auto glass technicians use a retention tape to keep the moldings in place. Though you may not like the tape over the seal, you should avoid removing it at least for the first two days after windshield replacement.

Avoid Washing the Car

For the first 2-3 days, you should avoid washing your car or SUV. In particular, you should avoid automatic and high-pressure car washes. While the seal requires enough time to set properly, you should stay away from giving your vehicle a wash for the first two days post-installation.

If you still need a car wash, go for a regular hand wash without doing anything that can put pressure on the new windshield.

Do not Slam the Car Doors


Many people have a habit of closing the car doors with a bang. If you have just replaced your broken auto glass with a new one, you should be careful enough not to slam or bang the doors. Doing so will increase air pressure inside the car and the pressure will affect the sealing while it is still drying. Therefore, remember to close the doors of your car or SUV in a gentle manner.

For more tips on how to give your newly installed windshield proper care and attention, feel free to talk to one of our experts at Magic Glass Repair, which specializes in mobile window repair, mobile windshield replacement, windshield crack repair and windshield scratch repair among others.

Watch Out for the Following Post-Replacement Issues

Even after your broken auto glass or windshield has been replaced, it is not over yet. If you have just had a windshield replacement, you should look out for some common issues that may arise.

Water Leaks

Post-replacement, it is important to conduct a leak test to determine if the seal has leaks. Soapy water test and hose test are common methods to find out if there are any leaks along the seal. At Magic Glass Repair in Greater Austin, our technicians perform water leak tests in a proper manner to make sure the outer edge of the car windshield does not have leaks. If leaks are found post-installation, the technician will repair the seal again in a proper manner.

However, our high quality auto glass installation hardly leaves any chances for any kind of water leaks along the seal.

Whooshing Noises at High Speeds

Hearing whooshing or unusual sounds coming from your car or SUV at high speeds can be the sign of an incorrect installation.

If the cracked auto glass of your vehicle was replaced recently and you start to hear these sounds at high speeds, it tells you that there are issues with the installation of the new windshield. In this case, you should immediately get in touch with the auto glass service or the technician who did the installation. Many times, the whooshing sound is so light that you will hardly hear it. The best idea is to hear these sounds in a quiet cabin with all the car electronics turned off.

Wavy Car Window Glass

A top quality car window glass installation results in a smooth and absolutely clear appearance. Post-installation, you should take a closer look at the new windshield and see if it is crystal-clear all across. If you find that the auto glass looks wavy or blurry, this means that the installation was not up to the mark. This is a surefire sign the auto glass service you hired used a low quality glass. Before the windshield glass replacement begins, you should ask the technician if they will use an OEM quality or manufacturer produced auto glass.

Dealing with post-replacement issues is a bad experience. When it comes to auto windshield replacement, you should rely only on experts such as those from Magic Glass Repair. The auto glass company offers mobile window replacement services in Austin, Georgetown and Round Rock at no extra cost. Feel free to request us for a free windshield replacement quote.

Talk to a Car Glass Replacement Specialist

A windshield scratch repair or a windshield replacement should never wait. No matter how much you may love to hate it, your chipped or cracked auto glass needs a proper fix without any delay. If you have Magic Glass Repair by your side, you will not have to worry about a thing. Our certified glass technicians will make sure the job is done with the highest degree of precision – the first time. If you live in the Greater Austin area, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists to ask questions or schedule an inspection of your broken car windshield glass.

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