Owning a car or SUV comes with a set of responsibilities. To be safe on the road, you need to pay serious maintenance to the overall condition of your vehicle. One of the most important among these is auto glass replacement. When you see a ding or crack in the windshield of your vehicle, you should head straight to an auto glass repair shop to get it fixed or replaced without any delay. This will ensure that you and occupants of the vehicle stay safe on the road.

When it comes to windshield replacement, there are a few things you should remain aware of. Given below are eleven things about auto glass replacement that you may not have known. So, read on.

  • 1. All Auto Glass is Not the Same

    Before you head over to an auto glass repair shop, you should clearly know that all auto glass is not created equal.

    Just like many other products, the windshield and other auto glass differ in quality. Prior to the installation, you should know what quality of auto glass the technician is going to install in your car or SUV. A low-quality auto glass will have your safety compromised while on the road. Broadly speaking, all kinds of auto glass can be categorized into a) Laminated and b) Tempered. Windshields are made up of laminated glass, which is specially designed to provide maximum protection in the event of a car collision, crash or rollover. Another type of auto glass that is used in your car is tempered glass which is used for passenger car windows.

    As far as the quality is concerned, the windshield can be dealer glass, aftermarket glass or OEM quality glass. Aftermarket glass or OEM quality auto glass offer good quality to restore the structural strength of the car.

  • 2. Auto Glass Replacement Requires Expertise

    Replacement means the old or broken windshield will be removed and a new one will be installed in its place. Therefore, the entire installation procedures need to be carried out in an accurate manner.

    You should never assign such a serious job as windshield replacement to just anyone who claims they can do it. You should not try to do it on your own either. Since your safety on the road is connected with the quality of the installation, you should rely only on experienced professionals. Auto glass technicians perform the replacement with a great deal of precision. A poor quality installation simply means you are not safe while driving on the road. A correctly and accurately installed windshield is integral to the vehicular frame of your car or SUV.

    If the newly installed auto glass is a proper fit, the impact and damage during a crash will be minimum. So, always get the job done by an expert. At the same time, beware of hack jobs that will endanger your life. For more information on car windshield repair and replacement, you should reach out to one of our specialists at the Magic Glass Repair in the Greater Austin area, TX.

  • 3. Auto Glass Installation Should be Done with a High-Quality Urethane Adhesive

    One of the most crucial parts of an auto glass replacement is the application of glue or adhesive for bonding. If the adhesive used is not the right one, the glass may come off later after the installation.

    Many different types of products are used to produce adhesives for use in windshield and auto glass installation. These include urethane, acrylic, silicon and modified silicon among others. For proper auto glass replacement, only high-quality adhesive should be used. Before the installation begins, you should ask the technician exactly which type of adhesive they are going to use. High-quality urethane adhesive is commonly used in most auto glass installations.

    The technician will consider factors such as temperature, humidity level and drive-away time to determine which type of adhesive should be applied. Inferior adhesive will not cure quickly and put your life at risk.

  • 4. It is Illegal to Drive with a Broken Windshield

    Up to 50 million people around the world sustain injuries in road accidents. In many cases, these accidents lead to disabilities. One common reason for such crashes and collisions is obstructed vision.

    A chipped or cracked windshield obstructs the driver’s vision. This is the reason why most states in the U.S. have declared driving with a cracked windshield illegal. For example in Arizona and Florida, it is prohibited to drive with a damage that is bigger than 0.75 inch (or 1.90 cm).

    If you drive with a cracked windshield, you can expect the police office to take action as per the state laws. There are federal laws in connection with cracked windshields. Based on which state you are located in, you should stay informed about the regulations and laws about driving with damaged windshields. Instead of continuing to drive with a broken auto glass, you should immediately visit an auto glass repair shop or seek help from a mobile auto glass repair service.

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  • 5. A Windshield Contributes to 60% of the Vehicle’s Structural Integrity

    You may think of the windshield as just a piece of auto glass, which improves the overall aesthetics of the car. But the truth is that the structural strength of your vehicle depends heavily on the windshield.

    If you are involved in a rollover, the windshield provides 60% strength to the vehicular frame. The windshield contributes 45% of the structural integrity in the event of a front end crash or collision. The windshield is designed using an advanced technology, which aims to maximize your safety during road accidents. The moment you spot a crack or chips in your vehicle’s windshield, you should know that your safety on the road has been compromised. Delaying the replacement will only lead to endangering your as well as other occupants’ lives.

  • 6. Auto Glass Has Thermal Conductivity

    While you may not know, the auto glass in a car or SUV also has the property of thermal conductivity. This means heat can transfer from one side of the auto glass to another so as to keep it warm during winters.

    Thermal conductivity plays a key role in giving the auto glasses protection during the winter season. Ice often gathers on the auto glass when the temperature falls below freezing point. This can obstruct vision as well as cause damage to the auto glass. Thermal conductors installed in the windshield ensure the ice collected on it will melt away by way of heating.

  • 7. You Can Get Night Vision Installed in the Windshield

    While driving at night, the headlights of your car may not provide you the kind of visibility you actually need. As a result of this, persons, vehicles and animals will not be clearly visible. Installation of night vision in your windshield solves this critical issue and offers you maximized safety on the road.

    Car night vision system is an additional feature for modern cars and SUVs. The purpose of this sensor is to enhance your visibility on the road at night and alert you of any possible danger that may lie ahead. If you purchase a modern car, you should go through the manual to confirm whether your vehicle has this sensor or not. If the windshield of your car doesn’t have this feature, you have the option to get it installed for safe night driving. The sensors, mounted in the car’s grille, display images in the dashboard of persons, animals and vehicles that the headlights are unable to reach. If the road does not have sufficient lighting, night vision will help you see any obstruction that lies in front of your car or SUV.

  • 8. Car Windshields Filter Out About 96% of UV-A Rays

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    UV sun’s rays are harmful for the eyes as well as for the interiors of your car such as the interior leather and fabric.

    When you drive in the summer season or in an open area, sunlight shines through the auto glasses of your car. You need protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The technology used in the windshield has the capability to block as much as 96% of the harmful UV rays. When you are getting a broken windshield replaced, you should never fall for inferior quality auto glass. Instead, you should invest in a high quality auto glass so that you and your family have the UV protection they need along with the protection of your vehicle’s interiors.

  • 9. Tape is a Handy, Quick Fix

    When you spot a chip or crack in your windshield, you should immediately hire an auto glass repair service. Till you are at the shop or the mobile auto glass technicians arrive at your location, you can cover the damage with a thin piece of transparent tape. This will prevent the damage from worsening.

    Application of transparent tip is highly recommended because it will not obstruct the driver’s view. In case, clear tape is not available, you can also use the basic tape as an alternative. Applying a piece of tape to the damaged area can be useful, if you find it hard to get the broken windscreen or auto glass immediately. However, you should not delay the replacement of your car window glass. Replacing a damaged car window does not take too long. If you hire experienced and skilled technicians, you will have it done within 45 minutes.

  • 10. Auto Glass Replacement Can Be Covered by Insurance

    Damage can happen to the front windshield, rear windshield or the side car window glasses. Whichever automotive glass it is, the cost of its replacement can be covered by your car insurance policy.

    However, not every automotive insurance will cover the cost of your windshield or auto glass replacement. So, first you need to find out what type of insurance you have and whether it provides the said coverage. If you find that the car insurance you have is not sufficient, you should quickly buy an insurance plan that will pay for the replacement. Purchase a comprehensive coverage plan, as this type of insurance offers coverage for auto glass replacement. Such an insurance is also termed as “other than collision coverage.” So, the insurance will pay for the cost of replacement, even if the damage was sustained due to flying objects.

    To get detailed information on how insurance works in the case of broken or cracked auto glass installation, you should talk to one of our experts at the Magic Glass Repair. Our auto glass company has tie-ups with all insurance companies operating in the Greater Austin area in Texas.

  • 11. Some States Have Strict Window Tint Laws

    Getting the auto glass tinted looks like a good idea because it keeps light out and looks nice as well. However, window tinting is prohibited in many states of the U.S. So, you should know your state’s laws.

    Many vehicle owners want auto glass tinted because it limits light. But it also obstructs the vision. Poor visibility on the road can lead to accidents. This is the reason why some states prohibit this practice. If you still believe you have a need to limit the amount of light from outside, you should get a prescription from your doctor. You may then be allowed window tinting on medical grounds. In any case, you will be permitted tinting on auto glasses except the windshield.

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