Auto glass replacement is carried out when a repair will not fix the problem. There are a host of different reasons for a windshield to sustain damage. Large cracks and multiple chips in the glass will not go away with a simple repair. Even if the technician manages to repair the damage somehow, the structural integrity of the car or the SUV will not come back. This, in turn, will keep your safety on the road compromised. That is why a repair can never be a substitute for a replacement. It is for the technician to evaluate the extent of damage and then take the most ideal route. Every car owner wants to know exactly how much getting a windshield replacement will cost. Actually, the cost of an auto glass installation varies. It is a good idea for you to find out what factors increase or decrease the cost of glass replacement.

At Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX, we specialize in auto glass repair and car glass replacement. In order to keep the vehicle owners well-informed, we regularly answer a variety of auto glass related questions. In this article, we will focus on those key factors that dictate windshield replacement costs.

Why Auto Glass Replacement is Important

Not many car owners understand the importance of a perfect and correctly installed windshield. If you are a car or SUV owner, you must understand the functions of an auto glass or how it gives you protection.

Right from dust, debris and stones to heavy impact collisions and accidents, the windshield safeguards the driver as well as the passengers in a vehicle against all of these. A perfectly fine windshield provides structural strength to the car and clear visibility for safe driving. In addition to these, the auto windshield also helps the airbags deploy in a proper manner.

There are many car glass damages that cannot be repaired. These include chips and cracks that lie in the driver’s line of vision. Many times, the windshield sustains several chips at one time. It is not possible to repair all the chips across the auto glass, as doing so will neither bring back clarity of vision nor restore structural integrity of the vehicle. In such cases, auto windshield replacement is the ideal solution. If you see your auto glass has sustained chips or cracks, the first thing you should do is get it inspected by a highly experienced technician. After the review, the technician will recommend the best solution to fix windshield cracks.

If you live in the Greater Austin Area, Magic Glass Repair is the ideal place where you can schedule the inspection of your broken windshield and get a windshield glass replacement done by trained technicians.

How Experts Determine the Cost of Auto Windshield Replacement

When it comes to fixing a broken windshield, the cost of replacement is always higher than the cost of repair. However, there are certain factors which control the exact cost of an auto glass replacement. If you have a broken car window glass, the first thing that will come to your mind is how much fixing it will cost. Since new auto glass installation cost is a concern for some vehicle owners, let us take a look at how it may vary based on a number of key factors.

Type of Vehicle

mobile auto glass repair

One of the key factors that will affect the cost of a windshield replacement is the type of vehicle. Based on what type of car, SUV or minivan you have, the auto glass installation cost can either increase or decrease.

Vehicles such as cars and trucks come in a wide range of makes and models. Some popular types of cars include SUV, hatchback, crossover, convertible, sedan, sports car, coupe, minivan, pickup truck, station wagon etc. For example, the windshield in a SUV is larger than those fitted in other types of cars. Then, there are various makes and models Chevrolet, Fords, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Hyundai, Jaguar, Toyota, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz etc. In the case of luxury car models, the cost of car glass replacement will be higher. Cars such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are fitted with a very specific type of automotive glass. Replacing a large-size windshield glass is much more challenging than fixing smaller auto glasses. Depending on how big an auto windshield glass is, the technician needs to use special skills and a set of equipment and tools to perform the job properly.

The size and quality of windshield glasses vary from one type or make of car to another. If you are wondering how much a car auto glass repair or auto window replacement will actually cost, you should first take the type of the car into consideration and find out what type of windshield is installed in it. The year of manufacturing may also affect the cost of a car glass replacement.

To know more about different makes and models of cars, talk to one of our specialists at Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX. Apart from auto glass repair and replacement, we also provide mobile auto glass services.

Windshield Specifications

The specifications of the windshield varies from one type of vehicle to another. These specifications may also affect how much a windshield replacement will actually cost. Some windshields come with distinguishing features such as rain sensors, automatic wipers and many others.

Before giving you a windshield replacement quote, the auto glass technician will take the windshield specifications into consideration as well. Since installing a new auto glass is a step-by-step procedure, the technician will need to carefully uninstall each feature that remains attached to the windshield and then re-install each of these after the replacement is completed. For example, the replacement of a windshield that has automatic wipers will cost more than a windshield with standard wipers. If you have a car or SUV with special windshield features, you should expect to pay more to get your broken glass replaced by a technician.

Quality of Windshield Glass

When it comes to windshield glasses, there is a lot more than meets the eye. If you are a car or SUV owner, you should know about the different types of windshield glasses available in the market.

All windshield installed in cars and SUVs and minivans are made up of a special type of glass known as laminated glass. However, the qualities of these automotive glasses vary. If you have a broken windshield or want to get it replaced with a new one, you have more than one option.

Three qualities of windshield glass are as follows:

OEM Glass

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer windshield glass is the original automotive glass that comes fitted in a new car or SUV. These auto glasses are directly designed by the car manufacturer. An OEM auto glass is made exactly for the type or make and model of vehicle you have. These glasses are manufactured and designed to provide you with the maximum safety on the road.

Dealer Glass

The dealer windshield glass carries similar specifications as that of the OEM glass. But these products are not made by the car manufacturer. Dealer auto glasses are made as well as marked by the dealer.

Aftermarket Glass

Think of aftermarket auto glasses as a replica of the original windshield glass. These glasses follow the same standards as an OEM glass does. Compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer glasses, aftermarket windshield glasses are less expensive. Most auto glass repair services use aftermarket glasses to carry out a broken auto window glass replacement.

Before a windshield replacement begins, you should decide exactly what quality of auto glass you want to install. Based on the quality of the glass you choose, the cost of your windscreen replacement will vary. If you want the glass repair company to install OEM glass, you will need to pay extra. If you want to know more about the qualities of auto glasses or schedule an inspection of your broken car glass, head over to Magic Glass Repair in the Greater Austin Area.

Type of Service Center

Whether it is auto windshield repair or car windshield replacement, the type of service center you choose to get the job done will affect the cost as well. The cost of new auto glass installation is different at different auto glass shops and service centers. At some shops, you may be able to get a broken windshield replaced at a lower price. Other shops will charge more for the job.

However, you should always keep in mind that quality comes at a price. Just because an auto glass repair service charges a low price, it is no guarantee that they will also deliver a high quality of work. When it comes to windshield scratch repair or car window replacement, you should always turn to a service provider that is highly reputed and experienced to perform the job. Never fall in the trap of a much lower price, as it is about your safety on the road. Always choose your service center in a careful manner so that you get the best work quality. Magic Glass Repair is one of the most trusted auto glass repair and replacement services in Austin. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

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Experience Level of Windshield Technician

All windshield technicians are not the same. How much experience a technician carries will also dictate the cost of windshield glass replacement. Compared to a technician with little experience, an experienced technician will charge more to fix windshield crack and perform windshield replacement.

It is crucial to understand that replacing a cracked or broken windshield is the job of a highly experienced technician. Depending on what type of car you have and what the size of the windshield is, the job will consist of several steps. An experienced technician will focus on every step and pay attention to every detail in order to deliver the best quality of auto glass installation. If you are in search of highly skilled and experienced windshield technicians in Austin, head straight to Magic Glass Repair. Our professionals will carry out the job with high accuracy to restore the structural strength of the vehicle so that you can be safe on the road.

Auto Insurance Coverage

If you have automotive insurance, you should stay fully aware of how much glass repair expenses it covers. How much coverage you have depends on the type of car insurance policy you have.

If you are in need of a window crack repair or windscreen replacement, you should first read the terms of your policy. Your insurance company can cover the cost of replacement either partially or completely. If you are not sure what type of insurance you have, just get in touch with one of our specialists. Our experts will explain what kind of auto glass service coverage you have. Plus, our company works with all the major insurance companies in the Greater Austin Area, Texas. Many times, working with an insurance company and getting the reimbursement becomes a lot of trouble. Our specialists will get in touch with your insurer to submit the claim and get the expenses reimbursed so that you have peace of mind.

If you plan to file an auto glass claim without wasting time, reach out to one of our experts at Magic Glass Repair now.

Schedule Your Auto Glass Inspection

Hopefully, you have now understood how the price of an auto glass repair and car windshield replacement may vary. If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, it is now time to get it fixed as quickly as possible. At Magic Glass Repair, we provide high-quality windshield crack repair, auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, back glass replacement, mobile car window repair, windshield scratch repair, etc. Our mobile windshield repair and replacement services are available for car owners at no extra cost. If you live in the Greater Austin Area, you can get in touch with us to find out more or schedule a glass inspection.

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