Just because it is a tiny chip, you should never ignore it. Whether the damage on your windshield looks like a small blemish or it is a visible crack, it is crucial to get it reviewed by a trained technician as fast as possible. You can never let a chip in the automotive glass of your car or SUV wait. A broken or damaged auto glass is a safety issue that requires immediate and accurate repair. You should get the technician fix your chip in order to restore the strength as well as the clear visibility through the glass. During your search for an auto glass repair company or auto glass technician, you will come across many. But fixing a chip or crack in a windshield is the job of a highly trained technician and not just any person or company.

You should always get a chip or crack repaired by a company or technicians who are qualified to fix the damage over other companies like Magic Glass Repair that operates in the Greater Austin area, TX.

Not Every Company that Claims They Can Perform the Repairs is Actually Trained to Do the Job in an Accurate Manner

You may come across a number of companies claiming they will fix the chip or the crack on the windshield of your vehicle. But you should remain cautioned that not each of these companies can actually carry out your repairs. Most of these companies have untrained and inexperienced technicians.

Whether it is auto glass repair or auto glass installation, all technicians before doing the job need adequate training. Not just the process, but the technicians also receive training in the use of adhesives. If you use an untrained technician or inexperienced professional, the repair could be poor quality and the installation could be improper. As a result of this, your safety on the road will remain compromised. In the event of a crash, collision or rollover, an improperly installed windshield will fail to protect you against severe injuries. That is why it is extremely important to consult with your friends and colleagues as to where exactly you will find highly qualified technicians to perform an auto windshield repair or car windshield replacement. There are many other sources you can use to find qualified technicians.

If you live in the Greater Austin area in Texas, Magic Glass Repair is a company you can always trust for auto windshield repair, glass crack repair, windshield scratch repair, and windshield glass replacement.

What is a Certified and Qualified Technician?

Before you hire a professional, you should find out whether they are properly qualified to do the job. Often, car owners fall for untrained professionals just because they offer to perform the repairs at a cheap rate.

If you want an accurate fix or repair for a broken windshield and plan for enhanced safety while driving on the road, you should never rely on someone or a company that does not possess the required qualification and experience. Just like many other professional trades, the field of auto glass installation and repair also requires the technicians to complete training. In order to be able to fix a windshield crack or carry out a car glass repair, the auto glass technician should first go through the necessary technician accreditation. The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) provides different types of accreditations for technicians.

To become qualified, technicians need to clear various tests and then obtain the necessary accreditation including Certified Repair Technician, Certified Replacement Technician, Qualified Master Replacement Technician. If you work with an auto glass services company that is qualified for the job, it means you will get technicians holding the right accreditations.

Why You Should Work with Us

A windshield can sustain a chip or crack due to a variety of reasons including collision, road debris, hailstorms, and low-quality installation. No matter what has caused the damage, you should call in a professional to first evaluate the damage and then fix it to restore the structural strength. At Magic Glass Repair in Austin, TX, we have a solid team of highly trained and qualified technicians as well as use the latest tools and methods to carry out glass repair, front windshield replacement, and back windshield replacement. If you are in the Greater Austin area, we are highly qualified to fix the chips and cracks in your auto glass.

Here is why you should get your damaged auto glass repaired or replaced by our technicians and why we are qualified for it.

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Certified Technicians

Unlike many other companies, our company is fully certified and qualified to complete the repair and replacement of windshields for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans. Our technicians possess all the necessary accreditations to carry out the job with a high level of accuracy.

Magic Glass Repair has been serving for years the Greater Austin area including Hays County, Williamson County, Travis County, Bastrop County. By choosing to work with our company, you will ensure top quality SUV and car window repair and car windshield replacement, performed by highly certified and qualified technicians. Each one of our auto glass technicians has received adequate training in the automotive glass repair and installation procedure. This is because we understand how delicate the job is and what kind of precision it requires.

Expert Advice

Not all broken windshields need replacement. Most small chips and cracks can be repaired by technicians. However, it is crucial to first assess the extent of damage and then take the correct route.

Incorrect evaluation will make it hard to fix the problem in an effective manner. That is exactly you need experts to take a closer look at the chips or cracks and then decide the most ideal solution. Usually, if the damage is small and not too deep, the technician will be able to repair it. Auto windshield replacements are required when a repair does not suffice. With our team of technicians by your side, you can feel confident that your windshield will be fixed properly.

Our company strictly follows a repair-first policy and will go for a full glass replacement only if a repair is impossible.

Standards-Compliant Materials

Below-standard materials are a complete no-no for your car or SUV. There are some rules and regulations in place for companies to follow in regard to the quality of all the materials used on a vehicle.

According to the ANSI Z 26.1 standards, the federal government requires all auto glass companies to use high quality materials, so that accidental injuries to drivers and passengers can be reduced. If you hire a technician who uses low-standard materials, your safety is at risk. You should always enquire about the quality of materials they will use to complete a windshield scratch repair or automotive windshield replacement job. At Magic Glass Repair, we strictly follow the highest standards when it comes to using materials and use appropriate materials.

To find out more in this regard, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts at Magic Glass Repair in Austin, Texas.

Correct Procedure

A genuine and professional company will adhere to the correct procedure for repairing a chip or crack in the windshield. The technician that performs the job should focus on each necessary step of the procedure.

When it comes to repairing a windshield chip or crack, it is extremely important to work with a great attention to detail. So, it is not just the use of high standard materials but also adhering to the process without missing out on any of the steps involved. At Magic Glass Repair, we strictly follow the repair process. At first, our technician will closely inspect the damage to find out how small or large and deep the chip or crack is. There are various types of damages including chip, crack, bull’s eye, pit etc. After the damage has been correctly evaluated, the technician will move on to the first step, which is cleaning the area of damage. It is important to remove all the loose glass pieces, debris and dust that may be trapped inside.

Next, the auto glass technician will remove air from the area. For the repair job to be successful, it is crucial to take all the dust, debris and air out. Then, high quality glass resin is used to fill up the chip. There are different types of resins that technicians use to fill up a chip or crack in the glass.

After the application of glass resin, it is time for the technician to cure the resin. This is done using UV light. In this way, the resin dries up very fast. It is essential for the resin to cure in a proper manner including along the edges. If it does not cure effectively, it will fail to restore the integrity of repair. Whether you use our windshield repair services or mobile glass repair services, you can always feel confident that our technicians will complete and do the job right the first time.

Speedy and Accurate Work

For any job, the given timeframe matters a lot. If a job is not completed within the given time period, it can delay many other tasks. Though repairing a broken windshield does not take a lot of time, you should never forget to ask the auto glass repair company about how much time it will take.

Before the repair procedure starts, you should be clear as to what to expect. If you are aware of when exactly your car or SUV will be ready for driving again, you can plan for other important things in a proper manner. One big reason for our clients to trust us is our speedy and accurate work. If you are unable to come to our auto glass shop, you can use our mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement services without paying additional charges. Every one of us in our company wants you to get back on the road as fast as possible.

Dos and Don’ts

Unlike many other companies, technicians from Magic Glass Repair will inform you about what you should do and what you should avoid doing after the auto glass repair work has been completed.

Post-repair, it is important to follow a couple of dos and don’ts before getting back on the road and starting to drive. Based on the complexity of repair, you may be told by the technician to follow some key pieces of advice. As a responsible auto glass repair service company, it is our duty to keep every vehicle owner well-informed to get the most out of their windshield repair.

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Help with Insurance Claim

A professional and qualified company will work with the car or SUV owner in order to get the car window repair and the automotive glass replacement covered. This depends on what kind of insurance you have.

If you need help with insurance, Magic Glass Repair is one of the most useful and trusted companies to work with. Our specialists in the Greater Austin area will always coordinate with insurance companies in order to help car owners get the expenses for repair and installations covered, at least partially. Feel free to talk to one of our specialists to find out whether the insurance you have provides any kind of coverage for the repairing windshield damage.

Talk to an Auto Glass Repair Specialist

By now, you must have understood why Magic Glass Repair is qualified to fix your chip or crack compared to other auto glass companies. If you have spotted a blemish or crack on the windshield of your vehicle, head over to our company and get an expert evaluation done without any delay. Based in the Greater Austin area, we serve a wide range of clients in Travis County, Hays County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, etc. Our services include windshield crack repair, windshield scratch repair, free mobile auto glass services, auto glass replacement, back glass replacement, fleet auto glass services, and tempered glass among others.

For your free consultation, you can call our shop phone number or write to us at the email given on our website.